10 reasons we need a national handgun ban

Special report: banning handguns in Canada



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Ban Ban

Lets see, how many things can we think of that have been banned, and the ban has done nothing: Rape, murder, theft, assault, drug dealing, robbery, drunk driving...oh yeah, forcing law abiding citizens to give up guns will sure stop guns from hurting people.

Genny 33 days ago

Not true whatsoever

Guns are dangerous to the public, so advocating a reason to not ban them is not a smart idea. Yes, it is true that banning something won't stop people from doing it, but not banning it isn't doing much to help. It is as much as could be done to try and stop this problem. Furthermore, most of the things you mentioned, like murder, theft, assault and robbery all have a gun involved most of the time, along with suicide. And if the government hadn't lied to the public and said that guns were needed for protection, but guns being legal is the reason we need protection in the first place.

A Nonymous 25 days ago

Gun bans

Just ask the UK and Australia how gun bans are working out. Crime is up and the black market for guns is thriving.

Dak 36 days ago

ban on uneducated lying liberals

what we really need is a ban on uneducated, Lying, fear mongering liberals and hack job journalists being held accountable for the crap they peddle.

Rmon 36 days ago

A Simple Solution For The Simple Minded

Articles like this are so unrealistic they make me tired. How a supposedly educated people can really believe that a stroke of the pen will end gun deaths in Canada is not only pap for the simple-minded, it is an outright lie in the face of historic evidence from virtually every nation on earth that has ever conducted a statistically rigorous and unbiased study. One of the first steps authoritarian governments have taken in the last 100 years - Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Amin, et al - was to disarm it's own citizens! A fact..not an opinion. I own 7 rifles and 2 handguns. I have been a hunter and target shooter and 'plinker' for over 50 years. I have never shot a human and can't imagine doing so... but then I was raised without being mentally and morally corrupted by the mindlessly violent video games that most of todays so-called 'parents' see as a harmless fantasy for their children to indulge in. Ban that crap outright and Canadians will see a real drop in violent crimes within a decade. Guaranteed. Do we have the political will to do so? Hardly! Why? If Canadians did that we would be detracting from little Johnny's 'rights', cause untold financial hardship to the millionaire creators of such morally bankrupt 'games', and would force parents to spend time with and entertain their own children themselves, instead of abdicating their responsibilities to electronic mind-rotters. Dolts!

J. Bashaw 45 days ago

Uninformed wana be hippygranola eaters

...I am so tired of this misinformed anti gun rhetoric ...there are no valid reasons worldwide that no guns stops violent crime or gun deaths...criminals don't care...they but illegal weapons however there is world documented proof that countries with loose gun laws (for legal law abiding gun owners)...have less crime and less gun deaths from actual crime...psychos and murders cannot be stopped by banning guns..they will simply use another weapon..but what about the victim?l...a legal right to protect oneself with a weapon of real power would make a non victim...authorities cannot prevent violent crime just enforce laws and clean up the mess after..it is the individual whose rights to defend on self that have been eroded creating the actual problem all alongoneself with a weapon of real power would make a non victim...authorities cannot prevent violent crime just enforce laws and clean up the mess after..it is the individual whose rights to defend on self that have been eroded creating the actual problem all along....also it is so easy to bleat like the sheep you are in your upper middle class living room but when your mom, wife child is raped and killed because you could not defend them you will be whining a different song to be sure..especially when as a tax payer you get to support the perpetrator for next 30 years in relative comfort when the death penalty is the true justice needed

John Csuhany 67 days ago

Here's the problem with gun bans

1. Expecting a criminal to obey a new law, is foolish, they won't. If they don't care about a murder charge, a firearms violation isn't going to stop them.

2. Suicides don't belong in gun crime statistics, because in the absence of a firearm, people will still commit suicide.

3. As you stated that gun lobbys are trying to sell us on fear, your whole argument is based on fear. "Guns bad, NDP good, guns kill, Toronto safe". Firearm restrictive nations have higher crime rates. Areas with higher firearm ownership have lower crimes and that's a stat you can look up.

4. Rather then focusing on "Gun Violence", why not address the actual issue which is "Violence"? Because you don't want to take on a real issue, you want to appear sincere on the subject so you want to take away the big scary handgun. But you fail to realize that much more people are beaten to death, then shot. Which is to me a much more disturbing fact.

Derek Hunter 71 days ago

Hand gun ban

I believe everyone should have the right to arm themselves with the weapon (s) of their choice. As the now tired but true saying goes outlaw guns and only the outlaws will have guns. It's a challenge for me to understand why the socialist liberals keep saying we need to legalize drugs to reduce their black market value and undermine organized crime's financial aspirations and yet when we say the same thing of firearms we are told we are just buying into fear mongering. I for one am certainly not afraid. I'm armed. And you'd better bring yours if you come to take mine.

Armed Nationalist 99 days ago

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ashley 122 days ago


guns are so much fun to use also it makes it easier in fights and rob people and shops

tom 233 days ago

You have let them win.

You have just proven that you allowed the disease known as fear mongering get the best of your logic. When something is banned it is no longer regulated, meaning that the ease of access increases a significant amount. You think it's hard to get marijuana? Nope. Its easier to get marijuana than it is to get alcohol. Know why? You're right, because alcohol is regulated, it is more difficult to obtain. A drug dealer or illegal gun dealer won't care if you're trained, a criminal or whatever. They care about your money. To legally get a restricted firearm, a handgun in particular, you must take proper classes and have an active range membership and at least 675 $. To get it from a back-alley dealer, you need 200 $, full stop, that's it.

Banning guns only makes them unregulated and therefore easier for criminals to get and keep. Not to mention the influx of illegal handguns that would hit the black market after a ban. Your lack of thought and foresight is more frightening to me than the fact that Canadians can legally own handguns by a thousandfold because I know there are some who will believe your illogical fearmongering. Think before you type next time.

Jack 242 days ago


Try telling that to the UK where you don't need to fear being shot and none of the officers are armed either. The most *violent* crime there are knife attacks which are a lot less bloody then guns and you never hear on news of *public shootings* on the other side of the pond eh?

Fiestyeh? 115 days ago

Knife attacks not bloody? Seriously?

Seriously? Knife attacks are not violent? They are much more violent and bloody then a firearm wound could ever be. If you are talking about numbers then I ask you how many people do you think a pressure cooker could kill? What you also fail to see is that yes GUN violence in the UK went down but EVERY other violent acts (beatings, knife and blunt weapons leading to death) have increased dramatically. Replacing one type of violence with another is not a solution. Why don't all you gun hating individuals come out with it already, you don't want people to own guns because you don't like them. We all know that is what you truly think. Even if there was 1 murder a year, you'd still want them out of our hands.

Anyways, Canada is estimated to have 30 firearms for every 100 Canadians (roughly 30%) and this is what is known. We have, roughly, 200 murders a year with the use of firearms... yet knives and the use of hands are higher... funny how that works. Most of the firearms used in these crimes in Canada are illegally acquired through the black market.

Firearms is a non-issue in Canada. The most anti-gun areas in Canada (Montreal) are the center of our mass shootings for the most part with Poly-technique and Dawson College.

Adam 113 days ago

city people making gun laws

Go back to being happy with JT tweets and selfies on social media and premier two moms with your fancy cell phones. What was it sunny ways and stretch goals. Laurier is probably rolling over in his grave with how Canada has turned out thanks to tyrannical socialist leftist people, lawmakers and media.

We need more freedom not less, leave the people alone who took days of training and courses for firearms and go through more daily criminal checks then the average Canadian.

Cities have too much say in Canadian lives due to seats in the goverment concentrated in these areas. We need change in our electoral process to be more fair for rural Canadians. Less of cramming tyranny and political correctness down our throats year by year taking away our freedom and free speach with micro managed nanny laws.

not so free Canadian 245 days ago

If we are going to ban something....

How about a ban on uneducated, uninformed nimrods working as so-called journalists?

BuckdeSystem 254 days ago

How would a publisher let you write this!

I understand that most Canadian don't understand gun laws. Enzo, did you do any research on what a handgun owner needs, the steps a rpal owner need to transport a hand gun, or how to legally store a handgun. I understand that if your afraid of something we must ban it! Why not sugar because of the risk of becoming obese.
Your solution is short handed and not very well thought out. The more you scare Canadians into thinking guns are the worst thing in the world the more they will think poorly of legal hunters and trappers.
Let's remember why handguns are legal in Canada, target shooting and completion shooting. And people that legally own handguns go to ranges and shoot their guns safely.
In regards of criminals.
Criminals are not afraid of going to jail, they have "hommies" in prison. It will be so thing we will need to live with. I'm not saying fight fire with fire. But maybe if your afraid of guns, learn a martial art that will improve your chances in fighting someone with a handgun.

Ryan 254 days ago

Great idea!

Great idea. Make guns illegal to reduce the availability of guns for criminals. It worked pretty well for alcohol during the US prohibition and it works very well for crack...wait.....Ummmm...okay.

In reality, very very few legally owned guns are involved in any crimes. Canada has seen a very drastic increase in gun ownership in the last 20 years while crime rate has kept declining. Go figure.

Pepe lapiu 261 days ago

Contradicting yourself

Did you not say in point #7 that 2/3 of all Illegal guns come from the states? So taking away my legally owned guns is going to reduce the number of illegal guns? I own two handguns and five rifles which I keep Locked up in my gun safe where only I can access them. Where do you keep the keys to your very dangerous vehicle? Are all your kitchen knives locked up in a safe? What we need is an immediate ban on kitchen knives. How many kitchen knives do you own? We need tougher knife control laws.

Carlos 269 days ago

Bans mean nothing.

Why do we continue to play around with meaningless words for concepts that don't do anything other than placate the gullible? Ban guns ban pot ban cheating and ban breaking the rules. It all means nothing. The government is ending the war on drugs because its a failure. Why don't we just end these "bans" that mean nothing too? Do you really mind all the criminals that get killed and the couple of innocent people every year? No, you don't. If you did, you wouldn't in anyway support the war on terror. So let's just stop the bullshit. Fact is, you don't really want the society that can actually prohibit such violence. If you did, you wouldn't be living here. So be honest, stop the fake concern and accept that we live in a society that not only tolerates assholes, it embraces them. You chose this and you allow this to continue. So stop looking to everyone else and a bunch of lies to make you feel better about the world we live in.

Unforgiven 269 days ago


Did you know that Cars Kills more than firearms by large margin in a year. maybe we should ban all cars with that dumbass logic. We don't have the firearms crime the USA Has, why are we considering this ban?? Simple..FEAR.....SAD Day for Canada....Were losing more rights and people are ok because it under the guise of "public safety"...... Government FUND frickin MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH and go after ILLEGAL firearms you know the ones almost all crime are done with

L 271 days ago


So let me get this straight. A criminal commits a crime with an illegal handgun and your plan is to then remove legal handguns from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS? Because that somehow makes sense to you? If you ban legal handguns all you're doing is removing legally owned property from law abiding individuals. Then the only people that will have handguns are CRIMINALS. Criminals don't follow the law so having a ban does nothing but to punish people who do follow the law. Not only is banning something people already own immoral, it is also ILLEGAL!!! Or have you never actually read are Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. In Canada we take property rights very seriously. You want to take away my guns, okay then. Well I want to take away your home. There both pieces of privately owned property so really there is no difference. Actually give me your car and TV while your at it because the way you think we apparently don't have a right to anything we own.

Steve 285 days ago

gun ban

well said , we should also consider just building a wall around toronto and plunk all the gun control clowns in there to live their tree huggin boring lives , mind your own fucking business and leave me the hell alone , push me into a corner & i will push back . In other words , Come & get them .

oscar the grouch 276 days ago

Overly simplistic

This piece is the product of pampered middle-class types who do not bother to appreciate the nuances of a free and democratic society. Such people demand, in fact they feel entitled to "easy button solutions" - this is what this piece is really all about. Stop Crime Ban Guns. Childish.

Quarant 287 days ago

What kind of bullshit is this..

Maybe you should find something else to do. I think journalism is not for you. You don't care about facts do you? This is such a bad article, I don't even know where to start... and you know, I won't... It is not even worth my time...

Serge 287 days ago

Ten nothing's

This is the most one sided peice of editorial garbage ever. If you're gonna show numbers show ALL THE NUMBERS. For instance:
A study of 20,851 suicides in Quebec from 1990 to 2005 found that hanging, strangulation and suffocation were the principal causes of death (males, age-adjusted rate of 15.6 per 100,000; females, 3.6), followed by poisoning (males: 5.7; females: 2.9).[17]

In 2009, 14 of 18 persons who jumped in front of oncoming subway trains in Toronto's mass transit system were killed by the direct impact, electrocution from the high voltage rail, or from entrapment underneath the cars.[18] Although 1,200 suicide attempts or deaths have occurred in the Toronto subway from 1954 to 2010, with a peak of 54 suicide incidents in 1984, the current rate represents four per cent of Toronto's annual suicides.[18] In 2010, the Toronto Transit Commission reported a total of 26 "suicide incidents" (attempts and deaths), and seven during the first five months of 2011.[19]

Jon Shepherd 287 days ago

Hack vs. Fact

There is literally nothing factual in this bird-cage lining article. The writer has a non-fact based opinion, now in other news the sky is blue.

Fact Ual 287 days ago

Handgun ban will not get them off the streets

You said yourself in point 7 that 2/3 of guns in Toronto are here illegally from the US, how is a ban on legal ownership going to stop that? Also how old are your statistics? There are actually more firearms than people in the US so your "1 in 5" statement is totally wrong, also we aren't allowed to be "packing" here in Canada. This article is nothing but poorly researched fear mongering at its worst.

James 287 days ago


Its so easy to go after the law abiding citizen. You want to treat citizens like 12 year olds by taking something away from them? With your logic,we should ban all cars that go more than 100km per hour,seeing that there are more speed related deaths in Canada,than firearm related deaths. Yup,perfect for your next article. Ban everything and be our daddy and nanny.

gunner luv 287 days ago

You're kidding right??

"With your logic,we should ban all cars that go more than 100km per hour,seeing that there are more speed related deaths in Canada"
I'm not sure how stupid you are, but there are already laws that ban people from speeding, do you know what the control is for that? ... yeah they're called "SPEED LIMITS" Not sure if you've heard of them or not but, that's a type of CONTROL for SPEEDING to prevent DEATHS. Now back to the point that "there are more speed related deaths in Canada,than firearm related deaths.", with these "SPEED LIMITS" in place, people control their speed, imagine if there was no control over speeds on the roads, there would be many more deaths than there already are. Now imagine no guns (or at the very least, stricter gun control laws), that would bring firearm related deaths down as well, you know because it's harder for people to kill each other and commit mass shootings.
And there is proof for this. http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2015/12/4/9850572/gun-control-us-japan-switzerland-uk-canada you don't have to read the whole article, just look at the first graph there. Now I know for a fact that Australia has banned guns, do you see the difference there? LESS DEATHS. I'm not saying that there are no deaths, because that's near to impossible to prevent, but what's so bad about having less deaths in a country?
Furthermore, how can you just "go after law abiding citizens", you never know who is law abiding, and who will one day decide to go to a school and shoot everyone in sight.

Nope 281 days ago

Great idea!

Great idea. Make guns illegal to reduce the availability of guns for criminals. It worked pretty well for alcohol during the US prohibition and it works very well for crack...wait.....Ummmm...okay.

The crime rate in Canada has been decreasing drastically since 1992 while gun ownership has actually increased. Go fire that one out.

You people think that if I have a heated fight with the wife with a gun nearby, I might just grab the gun and kill her. So I ask you, ever had and fight with the wife in the kitchen? Did she stab you with and kitchen knife just because there was many of them readily available?

Pepe lapiu 261 days ago

"do you know what the control is for that?"

Ask yourself the same question about guns. And in particular handguns.
It's a sad fact that calling people names is often the go to argument when the argument is based on fear, emotion, and feelings. But if you look at the restrictions and controls on handguns compared to the controls on speeding perhaps you can tell everyone why the laws are adequate for speeding and inadequate for handguns.
There is only one lawful use for handguns (and all other restricted weapons) in Canada. Target shooting. Making holes in paper targets.
To acquire a handgun or other restricted weapon, you need to follow three separate courses in the province of Quebec, two elsewhere. Once you've done that and filled in the paperwork and been approved by the police, you can buy a handgun or other restricted weapon.
There's only one place you can fire them: at a range.
You then MUST become and remain a member of a range to keep your handgun or other restricted weapon.
When stored, the gun needs to be locked. The locked gun needs to be in a locked case or vault.
Ammunition must be stored in a separate locked box.
For transport, the locked gun needs to be in a locked opaque case. The case must be kept out of sight while in a vehicle. So if a lawful gun owner is transporting their weapon, it is impossible for them to fire it.
Once at the range, the only place and time the gun is loaded is when the owner and firearm are at the firing line and the firing line is open. If cease fire is called, all weapons are unloaded.
These are the rules that need to be followed. So as per speeding, the laws are all already there.
If all those laws are inadequate for legal gun owners, explain why speeding laws are adequate to stop speeding and protect users of the highways.

NotYetAHandgunOwner 214 days ago

Another uninformed person

Banning objects doesn't work. You've learned that with marijuana. One day, when you grow up, you'll learn the same about firearms. Criminals will ignore your ban.

John Nelson 287 days ago

collective punishment

Usually reserved for school children and convicts..

shaun hadden 287 days ago


Who ever wrote this is moronic. Crack and cocaine are illegal so why is it so easy to find? Banning stuff don't work. There are more people killed drinking and driving so why not ban automobiles?

Nathan 287 days ago



PAUL 287 days ago

That's funny

"There are more people killed drinking and driving so why not ban automobiles?" You are completely right, and you know what? You're actually not allowed to drink and drive, do you know why? It's banned.
As you can see here
Deaths from drink driving have actually started to decline.

Also smuggling drugs is so much different than smuggling guns?
Let's take Australia as an example.
Heaps of people have drugs
Close to no people own fire arms, along with a lot less deaths in the country due to firearms (not saying it has completely prevented it, but deaths due to guns have diminished.

nope 281 days ago

its funny is it

well first off australia don't have a ban on there firearm they have restrictions and so does canada so in saying i have to register my handgun and get a back ground check and give up one of my basic rights as a canadian. so if a criminal have a weapon and kills people with it i don't think he's gonna go gt it registered and go take the courses to have that weapon. instead of just saying stuff you should go read about the laws for firearm owners and maybe you could understand a little better

MR M 273 days ago

Poorly researched opinion piece

97% of the guns seized by police are completely illegal to own in Canada and so could never have come from legal sources: http://www.canada.com/story.html?id=e5a25902-4efb-4540-abbb-8e8e8edab924
You straight up admit the gun registry doesn't work, but instead of saying that maybe it's a waste of money that targets legal owners without even touching criminals (ie the truth), you instead just say "punish the law abiding for crimes they didn't commit."
You say guns can't be used in self defense, but even the lowest guess for defensive gun uses (DGUs) in the USA is at least 5 times higher than the times it's used to murder as per http://scholarlycommons.law.northwestern.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=6938&context=jclc (55000 DGUs vs ~11000 murders in a year)
You also claim that guns are the reason for low income student to drop out and join gangs. Guns don't affect how you think, circumstances do. If you actually want to fix this issue, you'd be looking to fund gang busting units for the police, and better, more effective, social programs for those who haven't dropped out yet.
The best part of all this is that you admit that banning handguns won't work since "We share the world's most porous border with the world's largest manufacturer of handguns." although you don't seem to understand their gun laws either.

Icedman 287 days ago

Gun Ownership

I am a husband and father of two. I hunt and target shooter. My guns are always locked and unloaded unless I am at the range or in the field/forest. Who the hell are you to tell me I cannot own a handgun for target practice? I pay my taxes and work my ass off for the ability to enjoy my hobbies. All my gubs are legally purchased, and I have gone through every regulation out there to be properly licensed and to have all paperwork necessary. Do you think criminals give a damn about laws? If they want to hurt someone, they will find a way. Don't screw me out of something I enjoy because some other idiot decided to ignore the law.

Mike 287 days ago

Emotional Nonsense

Unfortunately this is another emotional response of a typical anti gunner who doesn't follow facts. Criminals will be criminals no matter what law or ban you put in place. The real problems in larger urban areas are gangs, not law abiding firearm owners. Please understand what you are writing about before you write an emotional rant.

Chrissy 287 days ago

6. Stiffer penalites aren't working because they don't work

Don't blame people that stiff penalties don't work, it's been proven that stiff penalities for anything doesn't work and is detrimental to society, it's more police presence that work, have you tried that, idiots?

Frank LAi 289 days ago

Plain Lies

QUOTE THIS ARTICLE ..."It’s a well reported fact, but there has been no gun massacre in Australia since."...
This before-mentioned previous statementnt of the article is reaching "categorical perjury" against clear used journalised reason for human rights decisions for people to bear arms personally!
In the previous mentioned URL article it also states ..."John Howard remains well-respected on both sides of Australian politics for his decisive action on the issue. "... , this too has a problem because the percentage of homicide deaths by firearm p/year is usually only 15 percent share ever in 100 years each successive year, so why respect someone whom in 1996-7 banned guns non democratically and under the guise they were the homicide culprit, and again because it would save many lives, this, when 70 percent share of people in over 100 years is ALWAYS one of three point blank modes "hands fist feet , knife , bludgeon instrument(non descript)" but it wasn't until past the millenium that a one puch law was introduced to prevent middle of the street, public point blank attacks that result in death or coma!

Statistically Howard could only save 6 -9 lives p/ year, but one puch potentially saves 60 - 100 !!!! by the aberration!
Geof Hunt of Lockhart near Wagga Wagga in NSW Australia in 2014 committed what the US considers mass killing with a firearm.

As much in 2014, a woman proved the same type of action as Geof Hunts' was purely possible with a knife alone by taking eight lives as a mass killing action and this too has special signifigance that the total is as large as any semi automatic firearm massacre in Australian history only exceptive to the total victims of Port Arthur in 1996.

There were many other firearms mass shooting since 2001 when the gun buyback scheme in Australia finnished.

Not only this, but quite subtley, many of the gunmen in Australias monarchic sovereignty were allowed guns based on status rank of family not either personal deed!

Martin Bryant himself was son of power, the Strathfield gunman Wade Frankum (late 1980's) was son of power, the Pymble gunman (psychiatric patient early or mid 1980's) with the long shotgun was son of power, the Hoddle street gunman Micheal Knight was son of power, the Queen street gunman Frank Vitkovic near to a son of power!

Licensing did allow people to gain a firearm that were not VIP based on non criminal merit but also was only granted if the police licensing officer saw a reason for the weapon as a purpose of which NEVER allowed as a reason is self defence or defence property under any circumstance.
Too when licensing of ordinary citizens occurred before 2001 the caliber was chosen for them for the purpose stated!

To not have a work reason and not seasonal work reason and not a perfect non criminal record but then have a firearm is totally possible if it is a close relative of upper echelon ruling government families e.g. such as Martin Bryant and does not mean much to have a license at that level or adhere to firearm type!

There is nothing to be achieved for the children of Sandy Hook by banning firearms, and the other truth also (often not spoken or written in that context)..."the results upon children would be similar to Australia's children and is similar to that of Afghanistans boys and worse"!

In short, most Australian mass killers whom use a firearm to mass kill either are totally licensed to top level or do not need a firearm license to obtain a semi automatic weapon to this day!

About the use of Firearms in anyones hands, you know yourselves of the US army stockade system, but Australia in some heavy districts of cities historically issued to known "AKA" trusted criminals(post jail release) a firearm for them to specifically stop heavy violent troublesome thugs as needed if they lived in that district and knew the people and the knew them.

So why the f...k support background checks if you want people to be killed alike the mess the Boston bomber made and mainly by the ferocity of medieval equipment by banning guns?!?!??!?!?!

In the USA someone goes onto the "killed by firearm statistics" by climbing a barbed wire compound fence of e.g. a factory or laboratory or workshop.
In Australia, the people whom die are the victims that lives are ruined by stolen equipment damaged machinery and the ensuing bankruptcy that is not a point to insurance to cover because it is always too risky for insurance companies or too expensive to maintain the levels of security required to properly surely stop someone. The victims die of a deteriorated health and heart attack from losing millions to unarmed or even armed guards that are not actually allowed to shoot or would not because it's too risky to validate or know the legal outcome
No-one is put on a homicide list what-so-ever from dying of victimisation in Britain its' commonwealths or any other monarchy or fascism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another point i did not get time to compile was the difference between *reporting methods and accuracy to compare statistics of Australia to USA*.

Largely Australian "total homicides" or "total firearm related death" table headings for graphs can only be considered extremely spurious!

This following (journalists company written) article claims murderers are 9 out of 10 males and only 1 out of 10 females,
whereas the Australian government Bureau of Statistics graphs show female murderers to always be between 1/4 (25 percent) and 1/3 (33 percent) of homicide offenders and the males thus!

Again, the impression is given that in an almost 15 year span that only 150 children (minors, persons under the age of 18 years - NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) reports 150) died as a result of homicide.
Again DOCS (Department of Community Services) information shows the number of deaths of children in Australia per year to be (vaguely) around 100 (GIVE AROUND 40 MORE) deaths of children " notified " to the department requiring case-workers and protection!
Alternate article for DoCS (the original cannot be found and original link relates reporting stats and accuracy)

There is no validity in Australian experience and no evidence of success!

The core essence of the statistics in the period from the end of the gun buyback scheme to present is that "gun crime has risen its' share percentage" and thus has the same total dead physically p/year approximately, and the fall in numbers of homicides cannot correlate gun control as a reason for the fall in the homicide rate p/100,000 in Australia!
T'is to, you cannot have -40 (minus 40 - math negative context below zero) extra people killed by guns, that is akin to having 40 murder victims a year come back to life!

A combination of new updated introduce modern technologies and the raising of security powers to war-time status of undeclared martial levels of power of force and spying on the people is what has given the drastic result of lowering Australias' murder rate as is more easily seen and understood from Britains' London area statistics showing almost no murders or violence in a decade(little wonder there was a riot. Aside to it's cause) .
In the USA the passing of new security bills to allow federal power of force and spying on people for the war against terror does not reach the previous peace time power over the people Britain or any other monarchy has upon its' own people in a context of spying on the people and use of force, secret or other -wise!

Again, a quick shortcut to validity and success measure, Australia with 25 million population has a homicide rate of 2 - 100,000 and USA with 300 million population (use the more conservative rate here) 6 - 100,000.
(note this is a very course contrasting method that couples population density to area, as a method of suppositional coefficient) This means Australia should have at least a population of 100 million people !!!!

Here are some "Australian stats", and i have said before they are quite broken, misrepresented and again badly reported between departments.

The graph report in use is from 1990 - 2007
The trouble is modern report technologies for assistance did not occur until around 1991 gun buyback in Australia except mobile phone network and Note - not well understood but more Australian sattelites for communication of both government mil, pol, and information.
It shows that at the enf of 2007 3 p/100,000 is the murder rate.
Here is 2010 - 2012,
So before anyone lies, take a look at

Table 5 Cause of death in homicide incidents by victims and incidents, 2010–12
incidents=66 victims
(homicide victims of total 14 percent)



The drop of 100 actual people less in the yearly statistics (over 1/4 of a century) cannot actually include a drop in actual total numbers of for "firearm homicide" as its' tiny percentage rate (generally no more than 15 percent) is higher than before gun buyback in 2001, so the drop is only attributable to better media and communication technology and immediate responses.

More than this, the insult in it all is that it's alike removing a vast piece of human right to protection to save no more than 10 people that are only a purely spurious quantity statistically "More OR Less"!

nicephotog 308 days ago

Handgun Ban?

Goodness, where does NOW get this inspiration of an anti- gun article from? I've never been convinced that banning anything like guns would save anyone from the violence of any criminal. Acquiring firearms legally is onerous and it's unlikely that criminals might care to bother with the application process. Canada is bigger than just Toronto or Mississauga, let's not dictate how Canadians should exercise their livelihood or recreation. NOW, let's perhaps stick to Toronto social reviews and arts scene.

dora w 305 days ago

lets think!

Please.....I'm so tired of defending gun ownership. Look at NYC not a single handgun is legal in the city, yet here are shootings almost everyday. So evidence would suggest gun laws do not work.. Lets try another option. Gun ownership is legal but regulated. Citizens are trained (if they choose) on how to use a firearm safely. Now criminals will think twice about committing a crime. Would you break into a house or mug a person if you knew there was a good chance of them being armed? I wouldn't. Don't be a sheep be a wolf. A woman in recent mass shooting stated she wished she had a gun. Why she she be a victim? Why should we place our faith in someone else, we can take care of ourselves. That!...is the American way. The police will openly omit that they are only minutes away when seconds count. Something to think about.

C. R. 309 days ago


I have been a fan of NOW for years, but when I see this obviously false unresearched drivel, I wonder? How can you get so many FACTS wrong and still be called news? Or is NOW now out of the NEWs industry. If nothing else it's a well played troll on the most law abiding segment of our society.

M Mundell 311 days ago

stats from where?

Talk about fear mongering sounds like you are so far out there you are lost the criminals will never give up their guns and sure suicide goes down by guns it rises in other ways and if you were to check actual facts gun crimes have been on the decline for years. Stats from both sides of the argument can be used to prove nothing. Gun bans are not the answer. Not that I have an answer but criminal activity has been proven to rise with gun grabbing governments.

Ralph 311 days ago

Suicide has nothing to do with firearms

Japan...per capita suicide rate 160% beyond norms...handgun ownership nearly nonexistent...less firearms does not equate to reduced suicide rate.

Dave 311 days ago


Lets ban all guns and set up a communist government just like in North Korea! Gun control is a complete joke and i will continue adding more pistols and revolvers to my collection

GlockPerfection 311 days ago

Horse crap

ban them because meth and heroine are illegal and that worked real well...... Liberals wow.

dustin chase 311 days ago

Liberal lies!

Maybe you should look at how many crimes were committed by law abiding gun owners! ..... I thought so .003%. Leave the legal owners alone! Typical liberal news rag feeding misleading and outright lies about legal gun owners! Your way of thinking.. Ban all Muslims because some are terrorists! Same thing. Ban cars because someone might drink and drive! Same thing! STOP THE LIES!

Wayne Burgess 311 days ago


You are so Right!

Andy Smith 311 days ago

Yes Ban the Guns

Yes the citizens should have no guns. Just the military and police like North Korea, China or Cuba. Who needs to be free?

Rob 312 days ago

ban guns

i will run over u with my snowblower,or lawn tractor mulcher.ANARCHY IS SO COOL

jim chatterton 287 days ago

same old stuff rehashed

Ban handguns..that will take them off the streets for sure... it worked so well for cracking and methods and heroine. ...let's legalize Mary Jane because we can't get rid of it but ban handguns to get rid of them, BRILLIANT.

ed picard 312 days ago


An authorization to transport (ATT) is needed to transport restricted firearms, but there is a loophole where one can setup a "secondary residence" at their place of work and properly store said restricted firearm in the trunk of their car. Many people know of this loophole and use it daily to circumvent the rules surrounding transport.

coldFires 313 days ago


I don't believe that is a loophole. If you think about it (I mean REALLY think about it!) your "place of work" is not a "residence"....never has been never will be....I actually think you just made this up to instigate. An ATT is also not related to storing a firearm in a residence. A firearm can be transported in a vehicle, not permanently stored...that's why it's called authorization to transport. Also, as an FYI, circumventing the rules surrounding transport or storage are both illegal.

Rob C 287 days ago


When I see here is typical conservative paranoia based on weak straw man arguments. You are mixing up American and Canadian values if you think the right to shoot someone who enters your home is enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you insist on being able to defend your home yourself, do so with one of your unrestricted firearms. Handguns, by nature, are easy to conceal and steal; as long as they are legally available more will end up in the hands of the wrong people than if they were illegal. I don't want to live in a country where my neighbors are armed to the teeth; if that's what you want maybe you should move to the States.

Hunter 315 days ago

Hand Guns

Natural law is neither American nor Canadian. It is universal. And the moral right to defend one's self and family is natural law. Those who advocate against that natural right are morally bankrupt cowards who would wish tyranny on us and our children. No way!

Jim 312 days ago


Do you have a smoke alarm and an extinguisher in your home? Why? If you do not wish to in the unlikely event that someone breaks into your home defend the life of your children then good for you just dial 911 and tell the fella to wait 15 to 20 minutes. And to knock your argument apart before I rip the story apart damn near every single handgun that is found on the street is American not "stolen from a Canadian" and that means to you and any other anti out there STOP BLAMING ME! You want to stop the flow of guns? Move to the UK because we will never shut that border down enough to make a difference on the street! Now for this story that is cute in it's own right, #3 #4 #5 so third leading cause and according to the fella most of that is suicide and it costs how much to put a single bullet in your head?? Next #6 Well I guess we don't have a real answer to that because the scc overturned mandatory minimums for gun crimes? Liberals say they want to stop gun crime I call BULL SHIT they want to bitch about it! #9 Lying to you eh? So when you are told licensed firearms owners are responsible for on average (8) deaths a year and children that choke on hotdogs and die a year (16) So tell me again how I the licensed firearm owner is a problem? If a Libtard was serious about anything I would say what do most suicides have in common? Prescription drugs? Look into it, want to deal with the "problems that plague the black community"? BS If you meant that you would look into common denominators, NO DAD that's a big one! You don't like it too F***ing bad how about taking responsibility for your children and their decisions not saying "he was a good boy" because nope he wasn't or he would be alive! for the most part! You Liberals just want to look like you care about US the people, I am not paranoid I would not bet with my life that no one will ever break into my home and put the lives of my wife and children in danger so I have a dun dun dun HANDGUN nor would I bet with my life that I will never have a fire in my home so I do have three extinguishers in my home. If Hunter thinks using a shotgun as home defense is the answer I say the spray on a shotgun is too dangerous around the bedrooms of my home, I am armed to the teeth with first aid fire extinguishers and home alarm and yes my evil handgun. Well that's about all the time to try and help you Hunter that I have. Cheers

Andre 311 days ago


Well said overall. Though I may disagree with the shotgun as home defense part. Changing the ammo load for the threat is a great and easy option for a shotgun. The "spread" on a shotgun may not quite be what you think it is (it isn't as great as I thought either). Got a saddle on your s-gun ? Candy cane load may be your think. 2 rounds in the ready rack with something light that will not penetrate followed by a slug if required may help solve some problems. Rack a round in the chamber in a s-gun, the sound is unmistakable and kind of unnerving

Rob C 287 days ago

Why should I leave?

My family came here from Europe in the late 1600's and I'm also Native. So why should I leave my ancestral homeland because I own firearms, regardless of them being Non / restricted or how many I own? If you don't want to live in a country where law abiding citizens can legally own firearms, perhaps YOU should be the one to move to a different country. It's no one's business as to what I use to defend my family should SHTF!

Chris 311 days ago

gun control for criminals?

Pathetic, law abiding citizens do not go out and kill people , it's criminals and the mentally insane .... give me a break.people kill while driving under the influence of alcohol yet no ban , so much hypocrisy amazed by it....smdh

paula 315 days ago

Barking up the wrong tree!

Silly to go after innocent people again, knives are the murder tool of choice yet no mention of any control of them! The people who are following the rules are under constant attack from the uninformed anti crowd. Might be an idea to focus on criminals for a change not general public who appear to be easier prey for their predation.

Bruce 321 days ago

What do you expect from NOW?

This is the same "newspaper" that advertises tranny hookers in their back pages. So, you know, consider the source.

Mr Smith 333 days ago


Do you think that a criminal would use a traceable gun in their name to commit a crime? No! Banning pistols would only make legal gun owners angrier and criminals happier knowing that if they were to break and enter, the person would not have a handgun.

Dominic 340 days ago


Domenic, are you kidding me?... If we were to shoot an intruder the 1st thing that would happen is handcuffs, then asked " How did you gain access to your Handgun and Ammo? And after a short investigation be charged with improper storage or discharging a firearm within city limits...LOL

Stevie.C 318 days ago


I get this is an old post, but check your facts before you start spreading your propaganda bullcrap.

M 341 days ago

The Stats

1. according to your stats only 1 in 600 people in the GTA own a registered firearm.
2. Gun Dealers are not required to keep track of guns, and the fact is that GunRegistries don't work
because they can't track stolen or illegally imported firearms.
3 Using 2010 stats(Iknow this was wrote in 2008, but it is still up so it is still relevant) 2557 youth 0-14 died. 4 died as a result of firearms. In all of Canada. I have no idea where you get your stats, mine are from Stats Canada.
4. In 2010 there were 1951 suicides in Canada, 587 which is less than 20% were by firearms. 3 of which were in the Under 15 category. Suicide is a much bigger issue than Gun Control and more effort should be spent on the causes rather than the means.
5. It's not gun violence that is costing so much, it's the excessive cost of Health Care that is being inflated by Pharmaceuticals and Unions.
6. Violent crime including gun violence is at a 40 year low as of 2010 stats. Stiffer penalties will actually increase the of homicides because offenders have less to lose by killing their victims to cover their crimes.
7.The point you made here is great, it explains why a complete ban on handguns will never work. Actually Handguns are banned, unless you have a restricted licence, and have registered your handgun (which is done if you buy it legally). At which point it has to be locked up, unloaded with a locking mechanism to ensure it is inoperable. Separate from the ammunition. Carrying a handgun any where other than an approved range is illegal or effectively banned.
8. This would fall under the authority of the CFO of the RCMP. So in fact there is an agency to do this.
9. No actually the gun lobby isn't lying. They use legitimate stats to make their case. As I am doing right now. The Anti Gun lobby uses more fear than the gun lobby. In 2010 2227 people in Canada were killed by automobiles and another 170 629 were injured. 155 were killed by guns, of which 119 were of the restricted or prohibited classes (essentially already banned from public) Why are we not banning cars, they can be replaced by public transit.
10. The shear volume of people killed or injured by vehicles creates 20 times the amount of economic damage to the economy than gun related deaths and injuries. Disease like Cancer are far more deadly and could be reduced by implementing stricter controls on our food, tobacco,alcohol, and chemical industries. Neighbourhoods decline for various reason and guns are not one of them. If the guns aren't there knives or other weapons will be.

GoFigure 345 days ago

Not sure where the "third leading cause of death" came from

I don't know where the author or editor got the idea about firearms being the third highest cause of death for young people, even in the hellhole called Toronto.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2008 the third-highest cause of death for Canadian youth 15-19 was cancer. After accidents and suicide.

Ages 10-14 it's accidents, cancer, and suicide.


Me 356 days ago

Handgun Ban

You can manipulate the data however you want, bottom line is punishing law abiding citizens from owning citizens does nothing to prevent crime. All our federal parties seem to be missing that part of the brain that common sense comes from. For example I live in a rural area if someone comes to do harm to me or my family the only thing that will protect me is my gun.......not the police not the left wing bureaucrats or corrupt senators. Controlling a law abiding citizen from owning a gun is the first step in loss of basic rights in my opinion and anyone who doesn't see the end game here is a moron.

Eric more than 1 year ago


Before writing this absolutely rubbish article perhaps you should have done some research and reviewed the effect that the 1997 handgun ban in the U.K had on crime and homicide. If you had you would have discovered that the answer was that it did nothing to reduce either of those two things. That's because the number of legally owned handguns used in violent crime is miniscule.

HandoCdo more than 1 year ago

Where do you get this information?

Why should anyone believe any of this without any reference to where this data comes from?

Also, I own guns and I'm pretty sure that the manufacturers didn't intend my to kill with them. I highly doubt they will ever be pointed at anything other than paper.

Slippery_Pete more than 1 year ago

Guns save more lives then they take

How many lives are saved by guns each year in north america? More then you could count. People who use firearms to protect themselves or their property are less likely to be injured, die or lose their property. A handgun ban would make it easier for criminals. Duh!!!

Maxwell Hess more than 1 year ago


NO TRUE, more BS from the PARANOID. No recored cases of this happening in over8 mths.

Someone smarter than you more than 1 year ago

Guns at least around me have

I have to agree with the first guy I know 2 of my friends this year alone that stopped a home invasion in there home and I don't know any one who has been killed by one for what that's worth if anything

Mike more than 1 year ago


Your beat in the skull, there are examples in the states were you can by law use a firearm to defend your life! Guns save lives!

Andre 311 days ago

What??? Where did you get that information?

The stats are that many gun owners in the States that actually brandish a weapon have it tuned on them. Check it out - just go to Wikipedia for example. One quote is "the Branas study also found that for individuals who had time to resist and counter in a gun assault, the odds of actually being shot actually increased to 5.45 fold relative to an individual not carrying." The more people that own guns the more people die from guns. Handguns are for killing people. If possecion of a hangun outside of a gun range meant a 20 year sentence gun deaths would go down. I am not a liberal just sensible.

Kevin 358 days ago

Wikipedia is a biased, invalid source

First, anyone can post anything on anti-gun Wikipedia, so sourcing that BS is worse than no source at all. Some firearm vendors refuse to even have pages on it, because of outright lies, unauthorized changes and censorship.
Second, your handgun ban utopia exists in Mexico and Jamaica, where more people are shot per capita than in other western nations.
Third, law-abiding Canadian firearm owners are the safest segment of society. Go ask your insurance broker how much $10 million in liability will cost YOU every year. I guarantee it won't be less than the ten bucks legal handgun owners pay for the same coverage. Insurance companies aren't in business to lose money, and they know YOU are a much greater risk than law-abiding handgun owners.
Fourth many law-abiding handgun owners are much more accurate shots than the gangsters in blue, who investigate violent crimes AFTER they've occurred.
Fifth, automatically denying you're another know-nothing lieberal who is stuck repeating lies based on emotion instead of facts proves that's exactly what you are.

Wavy 355 days ago

Come and take them

First off you are just another liberal that talks out of your ass. Why not educate yourself on the subject before believing these delusions of gun control. Control crime and keep innocents from being victims of violence. Banning handguns or any gun will not do this, because a criminal will always get one no matter how. Sure ban all guns then you will have an increase in stabbings as is common in England, because you are forcing a criminal to use a knife. You will NOT take any gun away from me. You have no right nor does any person or government have any right to deny my family security. It is protected in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and under Common Law. Banning handguns is only going to create more victims and more crime. You want to see what that gets you? Look at Chicago where up until a few years ago Illinois did not allow concealed carry. Crime is going down, because a criminal has to question if their intended victim is carrying or not. In Canada there is almost a 100% chance that someone is not armed and they can become a victim at any point and it has happened. On the even of my door getting kicked in in the middle of the night I reserve the right to defend my family and my property against theft and violence and I will act accordingly. I do not accept any laws that inhibit this and I never will. If you don't want guns move to countries the ban them like China, and enjoy your loss of freedoms like Freedom of Press which allows you write this article filled with outright lies. I am not judging you personally other than your gullibility to buy into this bs that anti-gun folk spout. Guns are a tool and nothing more. People are evil which is more than enough of a reason for me to keep my firearms. Trust me if they ban them you will never take all of them and if I have to carry around a spiked club to protect my family I will. Also please explain to me how "gun culture" is causing people to drop out of school? I guess you couldn't think of a number 10. It certainly doesn't have any thing to do with this topic and it really just seems like you wrote this on Sunday after drinking all night Saturday. If you had any clue on these topics then you would know better an perhaps not written this article at all.

NO more than 1 year ago

Gun control

Yes, I love this guy. If anything we need to take a Swiss look at things. Less gun control and more guns. Inclusion the next government needs to reverse every order of council decision ever and replace it by make actual bills with public consultation. Not the police hiding behind the order of council trying to ban all firearms and turn this into a police state.

Kyle more than 1 year ago


This is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard, this writers obviously very opinionated therefore I find all of this quite unfounded. & Honestly believe most of your facts are quite wrong, and until you get them checked have no right publishing them.

A national handgun ban will solve nothing. Illegal guns will still be their by the thousands, in fact I'm sure it would create more of a market for illegal handguns therefore just increase the number of crimes involving handguns. As well all the firearm owners who legally own handguns would never surrender it would be a very long trial costing billions in itself, with the possibility of having to compensate everyone for their firearms lost. & The alternative of letting owners who have them keep them, well then they themselves become targets of thieves, and even the corrupt police force who literally want to get firearms away from their owners which Canada is quite good at. Cough Cough** Unsafe Storage. & Whatever other bullshit charges so called police officers can think up.

J more than 1 year ago

nope that's stupid

Um guys if you get rid of handguns people are just gonna cause mayhem with other shit and if you guys ban all guns there's still gonna be people with knifes and fists and also why blame the gun and not the people like cmon a misspelled word isn't the pencils fault

Alexander haines more than 1 year ago

Keep your dirty hands away from my clean guns

Remember hitler disarmed his citizens and then the next thing that happened was genocide. And another thing I'd like to mention, how the fuck does owning firearms or firearms in general cause school drop outs? Like seriously that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What causes that is drugs and bad parenting even then it's their decision to do what they want. Most successful people never graduated high school. You should get out of politics because nobody not even an idiot would believe these political lies. Liberal tree hugging fags.

Cam more than 1 year ago


Point 1, your statistic applies to all guns requiring a PAL (This article is about the evil hand guns)
Point 2, Another 130,000 licensed gun owners who had previously registered failed to register. (The registry was for long guns not hand guns.)
Point 3, Canadian death caused by a gun statistic is 981 persons. Canadian deaths caused by cancer statistic 140 000. hmm
Point 4, Ban all the other means people commit suicide with too. that means no more shaving ladies....
Point 5, Poverty cost Canadians more than all those millions added together.
Point 6, An example of what poverty costs us.
Point 7, "gun buyers don't even have to present a driver's licence" I encourage you to try and access purchase of a handgun at any Canadian dealer without a Restricted PAL ID. Really now.
Point 8,The (restricted) handgun portion of the firearm registry is rigid and has no loop holes. (Your comment refers to long guns again no doubt. Lumple Stilskin. Mix apples and oranges to confuse the general public.
Point 9, The Canadian government mandatory gun courses (non restricted, & restricted (handguns) never speak of using a gun for self defence anywhere in the curriculum except once, when they indicate it is unlawful practice and you will be charged.
Point 10,You are actually warping the values of young people by writing such a poor and manipulative article. This article attempts to invoke more gun fear. It is poorly written intentionally to sway sheep. I think you could have done better. You are not ready for politics just yet.

Mark Desaulniers more than 1 year ago

Well written

Thank you!

Royal more than 1 year ago


This was a very poorly written arrival, and just remember kids... Hitler and Stalin agreed with and implemented gun control and Germany and Russia turned out to be angles...

ConservativeGunOwner more than 1 year ago


Well Shucks chuck what do I say to articles such as this:

Please read the following

Hoplophobia- is a neologism, originally coined as a pejorative, to describe an "irrational aversion to weapons. It is sometimes used more generally to describe the "fear of firearms" or colloquially as the "fear of armed citizens. A Mental aberration consisting of an unreasoning terror of gadgetry, specifically, weapons. The most common manifestation of hoplophobia is the idea that instruments possess a will of their own, apart from that of their user.

Fact 1: The Canadian firearms registry has never once been use the court of law to convict a criminal, why you ask because a defense law would chew it up.
Fact 2 : For those that need to sleep at night , I get a criminal record check every day while owning a PAL
Fact 3. Your Politicians that you believe make Canada safe spent 4 billion of your money on a system that never worked, and addition tried to sell the registry systems to other countries to make money.
Fact 4 I have a firearms License to own firearms, Criminals don't?
Fact 5 Anti gun people are not anti gun people but pro criminal and firmly believe that world should be safe place.
Fact 6 The Canadian Government still to this day does not recognize mental health
Fact 7 No one has the lawful authority to tell me what to do with my property
Fact 8 If a Gun ban were to happen, are YOU the tax payer or the politician going to compensate the gun owner and the person who owns a Business (Their lively hood) for they confiscation, possession and disposal of our firearms.
Fact 9 By banning handgun you are now creating a demand .giving criminals an increased profit margin
Fact10 With my PAL I can only own certain firearms, and not others. For handgun I have to follow strict guidelines and transport and storage. In the end all I do is go to range and shoot my firearms. What’s the problem. Firearms owner come from all walks of life.

Old Wise man more than 1 year ago


ENZO DIMATTEO; You are a liar. Anti-gun-nuts like you are dangerous. Organizations like NowToronto are criminally implicated in liying nutbars like you diseminating the lies you do. All of you should be kept under lock and key or forced to leave Canada! Asshole...

Dan Mancuso more than 1 year ago

Really !!

What university grad hipster fuck wrote this ... Probably has never had his hands on a firearm . Must have approached this subject like any other school project . Gather useless stats and compile a mountain of uneducated bullshit !!!

Max more than 1 year ago


I love how uninformed this is and that the numbers are out of date. There are way more guns in Canadians hands than are suggested above, nearly 20X as many in-fact. I also Love that they left out that areas with less gun restrictions typically have less crime. An example of this is that New York and Chicago, both cities with gun bans, have exponentially higher gun crime rates than places like Austin or really any southern city. OR how about that license holders go through a written test, piratical test, back ground check, verbal interview which is later verified and then a DAILY background check! That's right, if one of the 2 Million gun owners slips up they come and take their guns away.... and there are still 2 million of them.


Mike more than 1 year ago



You probably vote for steven harper more than 1 year ago

Shaking my head

Hey, drugs are banned too, how has that worked out? Doubt it stops Go smoke another one for us gun owners. We can't be bothered with illegal activities, we have a criminal record check everyday. Where's the Liberal sense of justice for all, the Canadian Charter of Rights? They apply to everyone don't they? Are you going to suggest compensating everyone for their material possessions after they are banned and destroyed? While your riding around your righteous high horse, how about not generalizing a group of people based on the actions of a very very small minority?

Joe more than 1 year ago


I like tacos, but I love porn, and I love to suck dick.

pierce more than 1 year ago

No Crediability part 3

9 Gun manufacturers and the gun lobby are lying to us.

“They sell us fear, telling us we need to arm ourselves for self-defence, using the very weapons that threaten us. Guns are manufactured for one reason and one reason only: to kill. Licensing and registering regimes are not protecting us from gun violence. The stats demonstrate that the threat to public safety does not depend on the intent of the user, but is related to the presence of the firearm itself.”
Too many lies here, most already addressed above… Expect for the fact that you are the one spreading lies and fear! Remember too, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”!

10 Gun violence creates obstacles to economic growth.

“It's pretty straightforward. The acceptance of guns and gun culture is warping the values of young people, leading to higher school dropout rates - as high as 40 per cent in disadvantaged areas of the city - and destroying the potential for investment in neighbourhoods where violence is occurring.”
Number 10 is pure fantasy. Mental illness, drug addiction, poverty and population density are the overwhelming cause of violence and “warping our youth”, not tools. If inanimate tools were responsible for violence than a scalpel would make me a surgeon, a pan would make you chef and cars would turn Canada a nation of racing drivers.

John more than 1 year ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA blaming gun culture for high school drop out rates is both ridiculous and hilarious. First, banning licensed gun owners from having guns will not even remotely touch that problem, the other thing is gun owners want the same result as gun haters, which is peace and safety. The only difference is that gun owners inherently know more about guns that gun haters who have never fired a firearm or explored the culture.

Mike more than 1 year ago

No Crediability part 2

4 It's not mostly a gang thing.

“Suicides and accidental deaths from guns account for two-thirds of all firearms-related deaths in Canada. How's that for ripping a hole in your conventional wisdom? More than 20 per cent of the 4,000 suicides annually are carried out with firearms.”
Another lie! Statistics Canada says (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/141201/dq141201a-eng.htm):
”There were 131 firearm-related homicides in 2013, down 41 from 2012. This resulted in the lowest rate of firearm-related homicide since comparable data became available in 1974…”
“Police confirmed or suspected the involvement of gangs in 85 homicides in 2013. This compares with 96 reported in the previous year and marks the first decline after three years of no change. The rate of gang-related homicide was 0.24 per 100,000 population, its lowest level since 2004.
While firearm-related homicides decreased in 2013, the number of fatal stabbings grew. There were 195 fatal stabbings, 31 more than in 2012. Stabbings accounted for 40% of all homicides in Canada in 2013.”

5 Gun violence is costing us billions.

“According to the National Public Services Research Institute, the total yearly cost associated with gunshot wounds in Canada is $6.6 billion. Suicides and attempted suicides account for the bulk of those costs ($4.7 billion); homicides and assaults are next ($1.1 billion)…”
More lies. The only National Public Research Institute I have found was founded by Jim McKnight. It is an American group with no connection to Canada.

6 Stiffer penalties and prison terms are not working.

“More cops are patrolling the streets than ever before, and crime in all other major categories is down, yet incidents of gun violence keep rising. In 2006, 1,287 young people were accused of firearms-related offences in Toronto, a 33 per cent increase over 2002.”
Most of these accused were gang members and criminals. The same people you dismiss above. Your statics are again fictitious, no such numbers exist and stiffer penalties are not working because they are only being introduced now by the federal Conservatives and not law yet. Regardless, once again if you refer to the Statistics Canada numbers, gun crime is already dropping.

7 We share the world's most porous border with the world's largest manufacturer of handguns.

“Two-thirds of all guns seized by Toronto police enter Canada illegally from the U.S., where there are 81,325 federally licensed dealers and pawnbrokers (three times the number of McDonald's franchises) and 5,500 new handguns are sold each day. At some flea markets south of the border, gun buyers don't even have to present a driver's licence.”
Let’s pretend for a moment that what you are saying here is true (it isn’t), than if we ban guns in Canada the only people who will have guns will be the criminals. Yep, we’ll be safe then!

John more than 1 year ago

No Crediability

1 There's way too much cold, hard steel floating around.

What does “packin' “ mean? Owning a gun and locking it in a safe? Concealed carrying it? Inflammatory, bigoted, ambiguous language does not does not equal rational argument.
There are almost 2,000,000 gun owners in Canada, of which over 726,000 are restricted license holders. Oh my, why aren’t there even more dead Canadians? The only point you are making in this statement is that Canadian gun owners are law abiding and register their guns. Statistically speaking registered gun owners are far less likely to commit any type of crime, let alone a crime with a gun. By your logic, anyone with a registered motor vehicle is destined to automatically commit a vehicular homicide. The mere presence of any technology, or tool does not automatically create a type of behavior.
“Oh no, I’ve got a hammer in my hand and I can’t stop myself from constructing”.

2 Gun dealers and the feds can't keep track of what's out there.

This is absolutely where you lost all of your credibility. You are at best a horrible researcher/reporter and at worst an agenda driven, bold faced lier. The following is an excerpt from a Statistics Canada report (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/140423/dq140423b-eng.htm) that took me somewhere around 30 seconds to Google and load in my browser:
“According to the 1996 Firearms Report to the Solicitor General by the Commissioner of the RCMP, a total of 4,409 firearms were reported stolen during that year, of which 44 percent were restricted weapons (1996: 20). According to the same source, 65,046 firearms have been reported stolen since 1974…

Furthermore, the numbers above are virtually inconsequential, because as stated in the Stat’s Can report:

“About 2% of all violent crimes in 2012 were firearm-related, while 17% involved another type of weapon, such as a knife or blunt instrument.”

Of equal importance, despite a steady increase in gun ownership in Canada, gun crime - along with all other forms of violent crime - is significantly dropping, even with the abolition of the long gun registry (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/11-630-x/11-630-x2015001-eng.htm).

Your article title is, “10 Reasons We Need a National Handgun Ban”, but your unverifiable assertions like, “Another 130,000 licensed gun owners who had previously registered failed or refused to register their guns after the Libs introduced a new gun registry in 98”, vaguely applies to long guns, not handguns. Handguns have been registered and regulated continuously since 1925.

3 Firearms are the third leading cause of death among young people..

Once again you lied. The third leading cause of death, under the age of 15 is congenital abnormalities, gun deaths aren’t even accounted for:

I am not permitted more characters, so can’t continue, but you are equally wrong on all of the following 7 points.

John more than 1 year ago

Here are ten myths


mythbuster more than 1 year ago

Ban everything

Cars can do over the speed limit ban them, ban cell phones as they cause more deaths in cars, now let's ban all alcohol as I don't drink so why should I not say that. The problem with this country is if you don't like something then it should be we should ban it. As stated below people kill people not guns and look at Calgary knives were used at a party to kill a few people so I guess kitchen knives should go on the restricted list and be locked up like my guns. That is my rant get your head out of your ***s and into the real world but you probable think pot should be legal.

Jim more than 1 year ago

Fraudulent Claims

The "National Public Services Research Institute" can't be found on the Internet. Good case of make it up as you go. Facts "printed" to fit the bill. If you say it often enough, it becomes the truth. The closest to this is a small scale study done by the centre for policy alternatives, who are known to put their message in front of the facts in all cases. Get this writer a jester's outfit, at least we'd see that he was trying to make us laugh as he makes it up as he goes along. Maybe just practicing for his future Conservative Senate Seat.

A Jsm more than 1 year ago

Bunch of crap

It's simple. Guns don't kill people, people do.

James more than 1 year ago

Liberals are idiots

The amount of idiocy by this dumb author (Enzo Dimatheo or whatever his name is) cannot be described into words. Guns saved a lot of lives in the US and prevented a lot of robberies. Damned Liberals think Canadians should rely on a cell phone and by the time police arrive the victim would've been dead. The presence of a gun is enough to drive off criminals. There was a gun ban in Connecticut. Later after the gun ban there was a school shooting that claimed 20 or so lives. The gun ban didn't work, didn't it?
Most crimes committed with firearms are illegally obtained guns. Of those guns that were legal, they were stolen, just like a criminal can steal a car and use it to run people over. There are actually more car related deaths in an year but I don't see you have an article proposing a ban in car ownership?
It's just not fair that an act of a criminal can affect so many law abiding citizens that were not involved, and can convince stupid Liberals like you (Enzo) guns are evil.

Jonathan Hou more than 1 year ago


Are you kidding me? As stated by another poster, where are the sources that support these figures??? But let's look at each point. 2-The Alberta High River fiasco where the RCMP targeted gun owner homes and seized hundreds of guns from a "dismantled" registry (of unrestricted long guns no less) during a flood evacuation suggests otherwise. Oh and btw, when a licensed individual so much as buys a round of ammo their info is recorded at point of sale. 3- Not sure where you get these figures either but statscan disagrees with you! Unless you account every unintentional injury as a stray bullet but then it would be the leading cause. Btw most sources (such as MADD and CPS) will attribute motor vehicles as the number 1 reason for youth death and injury but I don't see you calling to ban cars. 4-I can only assume that most of the blood on hospital floors are from accidents but what stat says they are from firearm accidents. BTW gang members will generally avoid hospitals since gun shot have to be reported to the police so your argument is skewed. 5-Statscan reports just under 3800 suicides a year so you're suggesting how many people botched that up to cost billions? Hey here's an idea, report on the problems leading to suicide (health, income, mom didn't hug me enough, mom hugged me too much etc). Statscan also reports the top 3 methods used are strangulation (44%) poison (25%) firearm (15%). Hey lets ban rope and just about every chemical and drug we use in our daily lives too. 6 - you can't even begin to quantify this with a straight face considering the liberals made firearm law so ambiguous that law abiding citizens are arrested more than criminals. Top catch all charge? Firearm storage...because it's not defined!!! I have a right to know what constitutes safe storage exactly, for the sake of my kids and society! If thats a 1000lbs safe and trigger locks so be it but grow a set and put it in writing. Our government OWES us that. 7 - ok can't much argue with that so maybe you need to argue for tighter borders. BTW importing a firearm into Canada from the US is so difficult most Canadian owners won't bother. There are serious consequences by both countries if you are caught trying to do it without proper documentation. Even if you have that you are still required to have a PAL licence when you return to Canada with your firearm. 8 - High River Alberta...enough said. 9 - Before guns were made to kill we had swords, bows and rocks. All used to feed the world's people. Though war is an ugly reality and a driving force in innovation, todays civil uses are hunting, shooting clays and target. I suppose technically hunting is killing though I believe you imply human deaths. The reality is that self defence laws up until now have been inadequate. Look into case law (Ian Thompson) or do believe he should have waited for police to arrive while thugs were burning his house down with him in it? Castle law should apply. You fraud!!!!

Luke more than 1 year ago

These are good reasons but in themselves won't work

Those reasons and implied solutions are akin to lowering carbon, greenhouse gases and other pollution to cure the looming environmental disaster by pretending we can lower individuals' footprints by 20% and increase the population by 100% which seems to be the present government & greed logic. Maybe if we reduced the population to the level matching available jobs, almost every person of working age would be gainfully employed and few would resort to crime to make a living? In years gone by did not people emigrate from Europe because there were no jobs there? Well, now we in North America need some emigration! Excessive gun crime is a result of excessive population. Simple, what politicians or Popes are going to dare state this reality?

Nick more than 1 year ago

Are all liberals stupid?

Why are you so scared of guns I mean honestly if you think crime doesn't happen in the UK your wrong. Cops in Hong Kong just now got their guns back after so many years and the triad war has been raging ever since the cops lost their guns

Daniil more than 1 year ago

Totally Ignorant

The people who want handguns banned are so stupid they actually think that getting rid of handguns and banning their ownership by law abiding citizens is going to stop crack head, drug dealers and hardcore criminals from committing murders. Does it occasionally happen where someone is shot with a registered weapon that is usually stolen yes, will banning handguns stop crime not a chance. These gangs are becoming more and more sophisticated and well funded. The Mexican cartels now control the whole county of Mexico and the vast majority of drugs entering USA and Canada. Gangs will get the guns and so will criminals. In Canada all owners must lock their guns is safes and 99.9 percent of them do and are very serious about security. Liberal city dwellers need to maybe read the report by Harvard that clearly illustrates what happens worldwide when handguns are banned, horrific crimes increase dramatically. This is fact and not fiction or fear mongering based on opinion like the original post .
Cocaine and Meth and Drugs fuel crime maybe you should look at how effective banning them is. Throughout history it has never worked when their was prohibition-alcohol or now. Perhaps we should stop letting criminals into this country and do more extensive background checks on them!


William more than 1 year ago


Enzo, have you not the insight to see how holding that position discredits your stance on other social issues? We all know that banning alcohol caused more problems than it solved. We all know that banning weed has also had the same result. Now we are into the prostitution legalization debate. So the left says (correctly), that banning things that people want is fruitless and merely drives the whole operation underground, yet, out of the other side of your mouth you say that we don't like this other thing over here, so it's acceptable to ban it because we don't like it. Don't you realize how that hypocritical position gives the Tea Party douchebag types the ammunition (no pun intended) to continue their tirade over the legalization of pot and sex work. You can't have it both ways. (that's what she said).

Buckdesystem more than 1 year ago

My murdered best friend

John O'Keefe was murdered on January 12, 2008. A famous stray bullet at Yonge and Bloor. 7 years is a very long time to grieve this deeply every day. It was a registered handgun, in the hands of the registered owner. Please do not try to tell me that the outcome is the same as that of a knife. I fought and continue to fight for a handgun ban and will for the rest of my life.

Jennifer Allen more than 1 year ago


Ya because if the guy had a non restricted rifle it would have gone differently not really. I would never speak ill of the dead but it sounds like your making a scapegoat for your loss ban them if you want I can still buy an illegal one for 200 and there are more gun owners that have more pull on this than you do people only care when there is a mass shooting than stop carrying a week later you could ban them and in ten years we would legalize them again Australia is going through this now. At the end of the day I and many gun owners give lots of money every year to over rule you at the end of the day we have more money to do things with give up you won't win.

Mike more than 1 year ago

So punish those who didn't do it.

Every law abiding firearm owner would love five minutes alone with the assclown who murdered John O'Keefe.
You're wanting to punish all of Canada for that one incident indicates to this lay person that you require more grief counseling.
Private firearm ownership protects ALL Canadians. See what happens to violent crime, especially home invasions, when criminals know everyone but them has been disarmed.

Wavy 355 days ago

Forks, knives and spoons must cause obesity

People kill people. Criminals don't register guns. Bans create black markets and empower criminals.

Bob more than 1 year ago

Good comment

That's true criminals will become rich and there will be more crime then ever

Daniil more than 1 year ago

Just an observation

Perhaps it's semantics, but an awful lot of outrage in the comments couple them with the phrase "banning guns". The opinion piece never said that, it was talking specifically about handguns, which apart from some sports have only one use - to shoot people.

JC more than 1 year ago

"Apart from a few sports"

Well there you go. Swords also have no purpose besides a few sports, and people do absolutely use them to commit crimes. To hell with fencing I guess; one life is too high a price to pay.

EB more than 1 year ago

Handgun ban?

This is no report by any description. This is some idiot's opinion and an uneducated one at that. Talk about fear mongering. .. the media does it better than anyone else. There is so much outright bullshit and disinformation in this steaming pile of manure, that it's actually hard to know where to start ripping it apart. This is the type of blinkered, Philippine, pig-ignorance I would expect to read in the Huffington Post...

Paul P. more than 1 year ago

Banning guns in Canada

Banning Marijuana, meth, heroin, and Cocaine has worked so well, I'm sure banning guns will keep them out of the hands of drug importers. Banning legal guns that cause no problem is a total waste of money and resources.

Lorne more than 1 year ago

I'd like to know where these facts came from and would like sources because as far as I know , 93.2 percent of journalist who write biased articles don't know wtf they're talking about lol

I'd like to know where these facts came from and would like sources because as far as I know , 93.2 percent of journalist who write biased articles don't know wtf they're talking about lol but if we re going to be ignorant lets look at the amount of crime committed with a knife and how many people haven't registered them blah blah blah blah blah.................................,

Matt more than 1 year ago

If you ban guns the only ones without guns are the legal gun owners. Now if you or any one can tell me how we are going to sop bad guys from getting guns I would listen. We already know banning guns doesn't work. Just ask Australia how their ban worked.

stop the insanity.

Gordon more than 1 year ago

Gun Bans Don't Work

Once again we have a person claiming bans and paper laws prevent crime. When will you learn that banning decent people from owning guns makes bad people ten times more powerful, and illicit guns more profitable to smuggle, sell and use. The Utopian idea that you can legislate bad things away by banning something that can be manufactured, simply enforces historical evidence to the contrary. Banning alcohol during the prohibition era created gangs and an organised crime wave. The British armed forces could not disarm the Irish in 500 years of conflict; and the Pathans in Peshawar can manufacture AK47's on foot operated lathes. Sorry, this ban argument was lost years ago, and trying to resurrect it reminds me of what Einstein opined. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results"

Dave Lever more than 1 year ago

Time for change

While other parties are talking real politics the NDP is engaging in a political sideshow with non issues.

They just aren't electable in Canada. The only thing the NDP represents is the waste of a vote.

bob more than 1 year ago

Another fan of and the rest of the mass murderers that all thought and think taking guns from honest citizens is a good idea

More lies. Another fan of Hitler and the rest of the mass murderers who have all thought that taking the guns from honest citizens was a great idea.
Taking the guns from non criminal owner is stupid and theft.
Just read some history. Never, not even once has a society that has taken the weapons from the citizens not spiraled into and nightmare for the citizens. Wakey, wakey fools and don't fall for this crap!!!

Stephen more than 1 year ago


Enough already, normal people are smarter than this scared pansy.

Keith more than 1 year ago

Half the Points are not even Vaild

1. Of course the majority of guns seized are illegal. Most people who own guns legally use them for hunting. Why bother getting it legaly when you are going to do something illegal.
2. Gun Education should be a priority over restriction. Sadly suicide is a great example, these guns should be kept safetly locked up and family members should be aware and not allow access if someone is not in a position mentally or physically.
3. Saying our justice system isn't working properly is a very broad statement. Generally career criminals always end up going back. (According to Canadian Public Saftey "increases in recidivism for 3 of 4 outcomes" and "data showed a 7% increase in recidivism " (http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/ffcts-prsn-sntncs-rcdvsm/index-eng.aspx#eff3)) Meaning stiffer penaties just mean a higher chance of it repeating.
4. Gun could really help economic growth. Gun companies could create jobs and add to our economy. Also stateing the drop out rates are as high as 40 in voilent areas, just means we need to focus efforts on keeping kids in school or reducing violence all together. The actual point doesn's even relate to guns.
5. The point on number 3 is also skewed as stabbing related crimes accound for one third of all homicides in Canada. Where in Canada a gun was only present in violent crimes 17% of the time. This means knifes are about twice as likely to be uses in violent crimes rather than a firearm.
6. Education is key with firearms. Children and adults alike should all be taught proper saftey and handling when it comes to firearms of all kinds. Not just long guns, but handguns and such.

We dont have to be scared of guns but embrace the idea that they can protect us simply by being there and knowing that they are kept in a secure safe place. We should also feel safe knowing that we and our families know how to properly deal with a firearm and handle it safetly thus reducing the number of "accidents" due to carelessness. They are not toys, they are tools.

Luke I more than 1 year ago

aimed responseg

This time im sorry but i really dont feel like educating anti gun people today so in response
the only thing i can say is that whoever wrote this article was on large doses of crack cocaine

beethoven more than 1 year ago

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