Artist Profile: Sandi Falconer

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An artist profile of Sandi Falconer

Describe your process of creating a piece. What materials do you normally work in?

Things I make are usually a combination of drawn and computer manipulated elements. I’ll use marker, pencil, paint, book scans, etc to create shapes and images I can chop up and layer in photoshop. It’s quite haphazard really! I mostly screen print, so I tend to try to work on things with that in mind. I’ve only been making visual art for the past few years, and since I’m a self taught screen printer/photoshop wrangler I’m still sort of figuring things out as I go. Needless to say my process is ever evolving and I’ve still got a lot to learn!

What projects are you working on? What do you have coming up, any shows?

I’m currently working on album artwork for local band Danger Bay. I’m also busy trying to finish up writing and recording an album with my band. I’d like to focus on making more prints that are less promotional too – more tired looking unimpressed people portraits, furious cats with feelings, and other brightly coloured crafty items. I’d be really into learning a thing or two about bookbinding!

When are you most productive?

When I’m not at work or when I’m working on something for someone else (deadlines and expectations always get me moving, ha).

When did creating art become something important in your life?

My attention might fluctuate between art making and music making, but lately it’s always felt important for me to be making something. I’ve always been a scattered person who likes to keep busy, and I need something to direct all that nervous energy towards!

What are some of your favorite spots in the city? Some favourite places to go, eat, drink, bike ride?

I love going out for brunch and recently had the best waffle ever at Saving Gigi. I also enjoy poutine trips to Utopia, drinks at The Magpie, and shows at The Garrison. Drinking coffee (or beers) while dog watching or playing catch at Trinity Bellwoods in the summer is pretty great too. I try to get around town on my bike as much as possible.

What are you currently obsessed with? Any blogs, pod casts, films, artists?

Share Some Candy, Booooooom, and DesignWorkLife are all good blogs to name a few. Toronto Craft Alert is a great site for getting information about upcoming local craft events/people. I love listening to episodes of This American Life, Radiolab, and other audio documentary type programs. Lately I’ve been really enjoying art stuff by Sandra Juto and Camilla Engman, among many others.

What are your thoughts on the Toronto art scene compared to everywhere else you’ve experienced?

I don’t have an awful lot to compare it to, but there is a ton of inspiring stuff going on in this city. I don’t really feel like I’m entirely integrated into any particular scene, perhaps because I tend to lack a little in the social courage department, but I love meeting nice people who make great things and there is certainly no shortage of that in Toronto!

What is your survival food? Cheap eats for the starving artist?

I’m not exactly going hungry, but home cooking always saves cash!

Any last words?



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