Bye Bye L Word, but who killed Jenny?

Seriously, who killed Jenny Schecter???

Painful isn’t it, when one of your fave TV shows bites the dust. It’s right up there with your favourite band breaking up or your favourite dish being yanked from your neighbourhood restaurant’s menu.


Right now, I’m grieving the end of the first lesbian-centric TV series ever.

Not that The L Word was so totally fabulous. Not one of those women looked like any lesbians I know and some of the storylines were totally ridiculous. (Two lesbian fucking a guy to make a baby – gimme a break!)

I was liking Exes & Ohs – the women in it didn’t all have dumb long curly hair hair and wear frilly dresses. But The L Word was the only show this season that let me step into some kind of lesbian life, even if it was fake.

It all ended with crazy, tortured Jenny dead in Bette and Tina’s pool and all the L Word’s women with a good reason to do her in. We never found out who was responsible for Jenny’s death and that’s driving L Word fans crazy. Here in the office, I and my colleagues engaged in a long conversation about who could have drowned the evil creature. I’m open to suggestions but, really, there isn’t a single character on that show capable of murder. I’m guessing Jenny committed suicide. Anyone got a better idea?


There are a few theories up on the L Word Wiki page.

But the answer is, “Yes, some writer out in L.A did it.”

As I was moaning and groaning over Tuesday night’s series finale, I realized how easily manipulated we are by a television writers.

When The O.C. – to which our entire family was devoted for its four-year run – went down in 2007, my daughter was in a funk for weeks. “I miss Seth,” she mooned, referring to Adam Brody’s appealing geek character. “Honey,” I tried to explain, “there’s no one to miss. He’s only in (creator) Josh Schwartz’s mind.”

It’s genius the way they TV writers get us invested in characters and are able to make us believe that these are real people. I can just see them cackling as they sit around a table figuring out ways to jack us around.

Checking in with ER as it delivers the final episodes of the series, I see that they keep bringing back all the old personalities – even George Clooney made an appearance last week – as if they’re old friends or something.

Then again, some times even the writers don’t know what they’re doing.

While preparing for my interview with Damages star Rose Byrne, I was struck by a confession she made on the set of of the series, currently shooting its second season in New York. The show, which drifts back and forth in time, began the first episode of this, the second, season with Ellen (the newbie lawyer played by Byrne) pointing a gun and threatening to shoot. Subsequent episodes began the same way. When a reporter asked Byrne about the challenges of keeping track of time and the story in Damages, Byrne talked about the difficulties of being convincing in that gun-aiming scene: when they shot the sequence, the writers, she said, hadn’t decided yet who she was about to shoot.

Kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? You almost feel like fighting the irresistable pull of the convoluted narrative. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why The L Word ended the way it did. The writers just couldn’t decide who killed Jenny.

So, who did the ugly deed?

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