How do Bell and Rogers stack up against smaller, more agile internet providers?

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Getting access to the internet shouldn’t feel like you’re stuck in a nightmare, but with larger internet providers (ISPs) it often feels that way. But since the internet is fundamentally an essential service, customers are more likely to put up with impromptu price changes, slow speeds and unreliable support.

We’ve taken the time to research the most common complaints issued against Bell and Rogers by previous customers. If you’re unsure whether larger ISPs can offer better service than the smaller competitors, these complaints will provide you with some much-needed insight.

Customer service and technical support

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Independent ISP Diallog has been providing Toronto’s residents and businesses with trusted, reliable phone and fast home internet services since 1998. Through decades of experience, the company has learned the importance of offering friendly and effective customer support in a timely manner. 

Diallog’s customer service team is able to resolve a variety of issues, including questions about billing and onboarding, as well as perform technical troubleshooting. Most importantly, customers don’t get transferred to several other departments – problems are solved with the same team member on the same phone call. 

Diallog promises to give customers a better telecom experience, one with a personal touch. 

The company also provides its customers with transparent and simple billing – the amount you pay stays the same every month, no catches included.

“If there are ever any billing errors, we will proactively inform the customer and make the necessary corrections,” shares Eugene Nae, director of operations at Diallog. “If the customer brings a billing issue to our attention, one of our team members will address it right away to eliminate any frustration.”


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It’s normal for Rogers and Bell to give customers a too-good-to-be-true promotional deal without providing them with information on how the pricing will change once the contract is up. 

Because Diallog always offers fair and affordable pricing on its unlimited internet plans, it doesn’t regularly run promos. The ISP also promises No Contract pricing, which means that the company gives customers standard pricing without locking them into a contract. 

“When we onboard customers, we explain our standard prices and inform them that these prices do not change and this is what they’ll pay ongoing,” says Nae. “If there is a special promotion, we offer a far more transparent experience. Our customers will be given all of the details regarding the promo and their bill will return to standard pricing when finished.”

Internet providers Toronto

During Diallog’s onboarding process, the team will make an honest recommendation based on the customer’s needs. This ensures that the customer is not buying a package they won’t fully utilize. Customers are able to upgrade or downgrade packages should their situation change. 

Speed and connectivity

Internet providers Ontario

There are few things worse than a spotty WiFi connection when you’re trying to work from home. Diallog uses powerful WiFi routers with mesh capabilities to provide customers with a reliable connectivity experience. 

“Our knowledgeable technicians have access to remotely login to the router and make technical adjustments to improve the WiFi experience based on the customer’s environment,” he says. “In addition, we offer both Cable and DSL internet options to every customer. If the DSL service line is not within healthy specification levels at the customer’s home, we can easily switch the customer to Cable internet service. If the reverse is true and they order Cable internet and there are physical cable line issues, we can switch them to DSL. This flexibility is a time saver for customers because they don’t have to deal with another company to meet their Internet needs.”

To learn about Diallog’s internet service options, submit a service availability inquiry here.

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