Travellers are calling out Air Canada for charging higher baggage fees to Jamaica compared to other cities

People are calling out Air Canada for charging more in baggage fees for passengers headed to Jamaica, compared to other destinations. (Courtesy: Canva)

Air Canada has come under fire on Twitter for charging more in baggage fees for Toronto passengers headed to Jamaica, compared to other destinations.

Danica Nelson shared a tweet asking Air Canada why baggage fees are significantly higher for those flying into the country’s capital, compared to other cities. 

According to Air Canada’s website, flying from Toronto’s Pearson Airport to Kingson, Jamaica, will cost customers $30 for their first checked bag and $50 for a second bag.

The same fees apply to other popular vacation destinations in Jamaica, including Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. It takes roughly four hours to fly from Toronto to Jamaica. 

The first checked bag, however, is free for Flex, comfort and Latitude fares, and for customers who purchase an Air Canada vacations package.

Meanwhile, for passengers flying from Toronto to further destinations, including Delhi India, Tel Aviv, Israel and Guangzhou, China, there are zero fees for the first checked bag.

An Air Canada spokesperson confirmed to Now Toronto that the airline “adjusted their fee structure” for flights to Kingston by increasing fees for additional bags. 

“The reason is that we operate this route with smaller, narrow-body aircraft that have less belly hold space, but customers historically bring more baggage than average,” reads their emailed statement. “This sometimes resulted in bags being left behind and needing to be delivered later, which among other things was inconvenient for customers.”

The airline added that the additional bag fee promotes a “fairer distribution” of available baggage capacity and encourages customers to “pack more conservatively.”

“It was also deemed a better option than simply placing a limit on the number of bags per person in order that those who need to bring additional bags still have the option,” the airline said.

On Twitter, Air Canada also said Tel Aviv, Delhi and Guangzhou are serviced by their mainline international operations, while Kingston operates under Air Canada’s leisure service, Air Canada Rouge. 

Air Canada has not said what other routes through Rouge have the same baggage fees.

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