Ecoline Windows offers a low-maintenance, cost-effective option with stylish and energy-efficient vinyl

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As every homeowner knows, keeping on top of house repairs is a full-time job. Given there’s always an endless list of tasks to work through, why would you want windows that require endless upkeep?

That’s a question that Arkadi Lykovsky of Ecoline Windows suggests folks ask themselves when they are building a new home, or retrofitting an existing one. Founded in 2008 in Manitoba, and now operating across the country from Ontario to B.C., Ecoline specializes in vinyl windows that offer not only a cost-effective alternative to wood and aluminum ones, but also a low-upkeep one. 

“Realistically there is no maintenance required once a window is installed,” he says. 

That will sound amazing to anyone who spends every summer having to sand, fill and repaint or repair wood or aluminum windows that have been damaged by the elements, with the summer sun causing just as much damage as fall rains and winter snow. Vinyl doesn’t rot or decay like wood, which means you’ll never have to worry about ants or termites. And because vinyl doesn’t absorb heat the way aluminum windows do, you don’t have to worry about problems like thermal stress cracks.

Citing the many advantages of vinyl, Lykovsky says, “You don’t have to worry about things like finger-joints splitting. It’s a complete one-time installation, and then it’s done.”

First appearing on the market in the mid-60s, vinyl windows have in recent years become the preferred go-to for most home-builders. 

“If you look in your neighbourhood, if it’s a new window, it’s most likely going to be vinyl,” Lykovsky notes. “It’s cheaper, there are fewer issues with them, and they are generally just easier for everybody.”

All vinyl windows are not created equal. At Ecoline Windows they are manufactured using new technology introduced in 2018 to meet modern energy-efficiency standards in a world where climate-change is an ongoing concern. Energy Star-rated windows come in standard double panes with Argon gas between them, ensuring homes stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For those living in particularly hot or cold areas of the country, there’s also a triple-pane option which will boost efficiency by a whopping 50 per cent. 

As important as functionality is, so is style. Ecoline Windows offer a myriad of options designed to fit all homes – everything from functional casement or awning windows for maximum ventilation to aesthetically pleasing bay, bow, hopper or picture windows. Should you need a custom job for that special architectural flourish, Ecoline Windows can do everything from hexagons and octagons to triangles, circles and ovals. 

Sometimes, when we’re lucky, style and functionality connect. Ecoline Windows can be tinted in a wide array of colours, with an added bonus that the outside doesn’t have to be the same as the inside. Need a custom colour? Ecoline does that as well. 

“There is a palate of standard colours, but we can pretty much do any colour you want,” Lykovsky says. “Say you want pinkish-red – if you provide a colour sample we can basically scan it and mix the colour for you.”

One of the major advantages of vinyl windows and doors (which Ecoline also does) is that they clean up easily and quickly, which isn’t the case with wood. Simply grab a cloth and your favourite household cleaner, give them a quick wipe and you’re done. No touchups are required, with vinyl windows designed to have a minimum of fading even when exposed to direct sun for most of the day. 

All Ecoline Windows products are installed by the company’s highly trained professionals and carry a 15-year warranty, which goes a long way to explaining the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 98-per cent-positive reviews on HomeStar. For your peace of mind, every custom install comes with liability insurance, and for your pocketbook, when you upgrade to new Ecoline windows or doors, you might be eligible for a Canada Greener Homes grant.

Need more information on all that Ecoline Windows has to offer? Lykovsky happily admits he could go on for hours about the wonders of vinyl windows and doors as a hassle-free option for homeowners who are looking to minimize the amount of upkeep they have to do.

“There is so much to talk about,” he says with a laugh.

There certainly is. To learn more about Ecoline Windows go to, or call 1-866-522-1234.

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