Eight things to look for when buying a photocopier

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The photocopier is the heart of the office – it’s where coworkers meet to catch up while producing the documents that they’ll need for the week. Because it serves such a vital role in every company, it’s crucial to invest in a photocopier that will meet all of your expectations. 

Toronto company Tekburg is a leading supplier of commercial copiers and printers, production printers, large-format printers, and office printers. It also provides businesses with leasing options starting at $15 per month. 

“The decision to buy a copier is not an easy one and there are a lot of factors to consider,” says Amir M. Baygi, owner of Tekburg. “There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all photocopier. Every business is unique, which makes every business’s printing needs unique. When buying a photocopier, you need to consider things like duty cycle, pages per minute, paper sizes, print resolution, paper input capacity, overall ease of use, automation features, and, of course, price.”

Considering the following eight factors while searching for a new photocopier will ensure that you find a model that’s capable of fulfilling your company’s specific needs.

Duty cycle

Duty cycle is the maximum number of pages per month your machine is capable of printing. Before purchasing or leasing a photocopier, create an estimate of how many pages your business prints on a monthly basis. 

For light volume printing, choose a printer with a duty cycle of at least 50,000. For high-volume printing, choose a printer with a duty cycle of at least 300,000.  

Speed or pages per minute (PPM)

Print speeds can range from 20 PPM to more than 150 PPM. The photocopier’s PPM tells you how quickly it can produce prints and copies, which is important for businesses that have a high print volume. 

Paper sizes 

There are many paper sizes but the most common sizes are letter (8.5 x 11), legal (8.5 x 14), and tabloid (11×17). Before purchasing a copier, take a look at what types of documents you will be printing. 

Price and payment terms

Businesses without room in the budget to purchase a photocopier outright should explore leasing options where you pay for the machine in low monthly installments. 

Print resolution

The higher your printer’s resolution, the sharper your text, and images will be. For the highest quality results, we recommend a printer with a DPI of 1200. 

Paper input capacity

The input capacity reflects the number of sheets that the photocopier can take in at one time. A model with a large input capacity can increase the efficiency of a business as it keeps work flowing and reduces time spent continually refilling the paper trays. For large volume printing, we recommend an input capacity of over 3,000 pages. 

Ease of use

Printers that are complicated to use can cause frustration and slow down productivity in the office. The last thing you want is to have to train each employee on how to use your new printer. When buying a copier, look for one-touch printing and copying, a large touchscreen display, and a user-friendly interface. 

Automation features

Printers are multifunction machines that can automate all of your company’s workflows from scanning, data entry and even file retrieval. They can also scan documents to searchable PDFs, scan directly to the cloud, and scan two sides of a page automatically. Together, all of these features can help your business save time and focus on what matters.  

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