Weed Delivery Toronto – How Leafythings Cuts Through the Bullshit

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Toronto’s weed scene can be tough to navigate. 

Three years since legalization, it’s a jumble of bright retail stores, legacy services, delivery businesses and Instagrammable lifestyle brands. Confusing advertising laws and retail specifications might make you wonder if you’re buying cannabis or dessert, while products like edibles vary in potency between legacy and regulated services. 

Remember when smoking weed was fun? Leafythings does. An online directory where you can find dispensaries and delivery services near you, it’s got a very simple mission: to get you weed as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

“Connecting customers to cannabis has always been our focus,” says Chief Access Officer Elias Theodorou, an MMA fighter who recently made history in Victoria, BC, by becoming the first sanctioned cannabis athlete allowed to medicate in professional sports competition. “There are limited means to do so in the cannabis industry, so we strive on navigating the path for both the businesses and consumers by offering solutions and knocking down barriers.” 

Here’s what makes Leafythings the easiest way to buy cannabis and secure weed delivery Toronto.

It Doesn’t Discriminate When it Comes to Toronto Weed Delivery 

For more than a decade leading into legalization, Weedmaps was the best no-fuss way to find cannabis near you. When the company went public in 2020, it had to shed most of its legacy clients. 

That left a big, gaping hole in Canada’s cannabis landscape. However: if Weedmaps paved the old road, Leafythings is paving a new one. 

There are over 1,600 verified and trustworthy businesses listed on Leafythings Canadawide.

They don’t make the distinction between a major corporate retail chain and the delivery service with the CBD gummies with the perfect potency you’re used to. You can go on and find the closest delivery service, dispensary, brand or mail order business without wading through a thousand different channels. Just open the app and get your map – it’s that easy for Toronto weed delivery.

Creating a BRIDGE

Believe. React. Innovate. Dare. Grow. Evolve. 

Leafythings quickly realized that legalization was going to be a slow transition that could last decades. For 100 years, prohibition created a culture that has not exactly welcomed regulated venues. About 50 per cent of consumers still favour the unregulated space – a $3 billion market. 

By not discriminating, Leafythings has acted as a BRIDGE for these consumers to see other options that exist in the vibrant cannabis marketplace. Regulated retailers have noticed this gold mine of customers and have truly embraced the Leafythings platform. If you are not on the platform, then you are invisible to those consumers.

It’s Like Google for Weed Delivery 

Leafythings is not just a map, it’s also a comprehensive searchable directory. 

You can go on and check out flowers, edibles, concentrates or whatever you’re looking for. Get as specific as you want – indica or sativa, your perfect mix of CBD and THC, drinks, topicals, vapes, etc. Type in your search terms and see what’s for sale near you when it comes to your weed delivery in Toronto.

Or just search for deals and discounts, which are just as easy to find. 

Toronto’s Weed Delivery: It’s Not Hidden

Since legalization, so much of cannabis branding and advertising has been sterile, clinical or overly medicalized. Leafythings is not. 

Not hidden behind blacked-out window displays or front-door bouncers, you can find Leafythings at festivals, giving out goodies, doing charity work. 

They can go places that other weed businesses can’t. There’s a reason why it’s one of the fastest-growing companies in the cannabis industry without actually selling cannabis. 

It Can Get you What You Actually Want from Weed Delivery 

Chances are, if you’re buying cannabis, it’s because you want cannabis. That sounds simple enough, but there are often plenty of factors getting in the way of that – branding, design and advertising seeming to sell you everything but weed. 

Leafythings has a blog that brings together education and fun, a place where you can pair a weed strain with your zodiac sign or learn about the science of sleep and how you can use different cannabinoids to help you rest best. 

It’s not just a big directory, but a place to find the best options and then make the best-informed decision between them. 

Visit www.leafythings.com

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