Neil Price

Despite being unfinished, The Beautiful Ones manages to be an eclectic, well-crafted volume of autobiographical fragments Read more


No matter how this election plays out, let’s at least do away with oversimplified narratives about what Black people think of electoral politics Read more


The American essayist's debut novel tackles the legacy of slavery with a fast-paced comic-book treatment Read more




Low-level literacy underlies so many of the challenges facing the city, including gun violence, homelessness and unemployment Read more


Toni Morrison

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In bringing her imaginative powers to bear on an art that for so long marginalized Black presence, the great American novelist transformed modern literature Read more


In the book BlackLife, authors Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillahi argue that incremental efforts to combat anti-Black racism won't work Read more


The AGO's newly acquired Caribbean photo collection is one of the largest outside the region and deeply meaningful to the community that fundraised to secure it Read more

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Marlon James

Jefferey Skemp

The Jamaican writer's adventure-fantasy Black Leopard, Red Wolf is already being adapted into a movie Read more


Desmond Cole, Jill Andrew, Julie Crooks, Jah Grey and Twysted Miyake-Mugler are working toward a city free from anti-Black racism Read more

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James Baldwin wrote that every Black man needs a gimmick to survive – this generation will need to find their own gimmicks Read more



Malinda Francis

You have a serious credibility problem with Black communities in this city and I don’t think it’s reparable Read more


The end of pot prohibition is almost here, but while other jurisdictions are showing what's possible our history when it comes to acknowledging past harmful policies shows that we shouldn’t expect swift action on redress. What gives, Canada? Read more



Samuel Engelking

Youth who are at highest risk of entering gang life can be identified quite early, but are we intervening in effective ways? Read more


I grew up as a fatherless Black boy who found solace in biographies of Black historical figures. James Baldwin, Malcolm X and MLK taught me about Black masculinity. Then, several years ago, my father wanted to meet me. Read more


The Tess Richey case reveals bias in police handling of murder investigations, but it’s cases involving Black men that expose the biggest disparities Read more

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marijuana bust.jpg

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Time to redress the harm done to thousands of Black youth who have life-limiting criminal records because of pot Read more


For Black students to succeed, the entire school system may have to be brought to a grinding halt and redesigned from the bottom up Read more

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Instead, the former school trustee's n-word debacle offers Black students a life lesson on racial bigotry in its myriad forms Read more

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Sonali Menezes

The controversy surrounding York Region school board trustee Nancy Elgie – who admitted calling a Black parent a “nigger” – is a stark example of how confounding the battle against entrenched racism has become Read more

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Zach Slootsky

"What a lot of us have come to discover since then is that for some communities in this city, it's G20 rules every day." Read more

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