Uber to bring back popular shared ride service following peak of pandemic

An Uber rider. (Courtesy: Unsplash/ charlesdeluvio)

Uber is reviving its shared ride feature this week, but under a new name.

UberX Share will be available for riders in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Shared rides allow others to join your trip if you’re headed in the same direction, and split the bill between riders.

During the height of the pandemic, Uber decided to end the old UberPool service to adhere to social distancing regulations. 

“Since pausing UberPool in Toronto in 2020 due to the pandemic, we have been working tirelessly to revamp the experience,” Uber said in a news release on Sunday.

The rideshare company explains they’ve spent months listening to feedback, redesigning and testing pilots globally before deciding on UberX Share. 

With the new and improved feature experience, riders can save up to 20 per cent upfront and an additional five per cent as Uber One membership holders. 

“We know affordability plays a role when people are making decisions on how to get from point A to B,” Michael van Hemmen, general manager of Uber Canada said. “This new shared rides option will provide a more affordable and sustainable experience for riders and the cities we serve.” 

Uber also promises you’ll arrive at your destination promptly as new shared rides only add up to six minutes to your overall trip.

The previous UberPool option would often deviate from direct routes and significantly increase travel times. 

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