Fringe review: Morro And Jasp: Save The Date


MORRO AND JASP: SAVE THE DATE by Morro and Jasp (U.N.I.T. Productions). Tarragon Mainspace. July 10 at 3 pm, July 11 at 5:15 pm, July 12 at 11 pm, July 15 at 1:45 pm. See listing. Rating: NNNNN

Something very exciting is happening to Jasp (Amy Lee): shes getting married! And her clown sister Morro (Heather Marie Annis) is right by her side, helping her prepare for the special day.

This favourite Fringe duo is full-on hilarious choosing gowns, getting the veil just right and especially when taste-testing wedding cakes which come in a wide range of descriptive vanillas. No pain, no beauty, chant the sisters in a personal grooming scene that will make you screech.

There are also heartrending moments like having to deal with the emotional fallout of a big change to their relationship. The script is funny and uniquely descriptive, with references to TV wedding shows and the recent royal nuptials.

The set includes functional white screens on wheels and dress racks brimming with gowns. As always, Annis and Lee interact with the audience, staying consistently responsive and in the moment.

All wedding tropes get gleefully sent up and director Byron Laviolette ensures theres enough tension to keep the audience fully engaged until the sparkling, magical end.

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