Online map documents signs of solidarity in public spaces

Created by a local software developer, the map lets you browse hopeful messages posted around Toronto and all over the world

If you’re an essential worker or someone who’s managing to get outside for exercise each day, you’ve probably noticed a trend: encouraging signs telling Toronto that “we’re all in this together.”

No longer just a sappy High School Musical song, these words have popped in storefronts and public spaces all over the world. Torontonians are also sharing the message of solidarity – in iconic Honest Ed’s style print, no less – on social media.

But it isn’t just those Honest Ed’s signs – there are many others in apartment windows, storefronts on telephone poles, on park benches. If you’re staying home, you can check them out in one handy place without going outside.

At, you can browse a collection of signs in Toronto and all over the world, from New York to Amsterdam to Granada, via an interactive virtual map that links cities impacted by the COVID-19 crisis together in fellowship.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, daily life has come to a sudden standstill and businesses have had to respond,” reads a statement by creator Andrew Louis, a Toronto-based software developer. “Signs on storefronts announce operational changes but these messages are also brimming over with solidarity, shared responsibility, and cautious optimism. This project attempts to document the temporary signs that have gone up across our communities.”

Signs have included inspirational quotes, temporarily closed signs, those with advice, all letting their communities know “we are here for you.”

The images are also available on Instagram and Twitter, and if you’ve made some or spotted ones not yet shared to the collection, you can submit them yourself here. Over 100 people have already contributed to the project.


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