Three art exhibits in Toronto you need to check out this weekend 

DesignTO art that push the boundaries of creative technology. (Courtesy: Twitter/Prof Tanya White)

CONCEPTIONS OF WHITE (January 11–April 15, 2023) 

The Art Museum at the University of Toronto presents Conceptions of White, an exhibit offering context and perspectives that help “grapple with contemporary configurations of White identity.” 

The exhibit examines the origins and more of the present reality of “whiteness” as a concept. There are select historical objects and artworks that show white origin myths within the historical context and reveal  “Whiteness as a North American, settler-colonial invention of the seventeenth century, created alongside ‘Blackness’ and ‘Aboriginality.’”

The artist’s work displayed in this exhibit examines how acts of racialization are felt today through concepts like white guilt, anxiety, supremacy, and power. 

“Together, the diverse narratives, images, and concepts presented in Conceptions of White examine the existential, experiential, and ethical dimensions of engaging in classifications of Whiteness, while also drawing on the conceptual connections between colonial Whiteness and the aesthetic, social, and philosophical meaning we ascribe to the colour white,” reads their website.

The exhibit was curated by John G. Hampton and Lillian O’Brien Davis, with works exhibited by Arthur Jafa, Barbara Meneley, Deanna Bowen, Fred Wilson, Hiram Powers, Howardena Pindell, Jennifer Chan, Jeremy Bailey, Ken Gonzales-Day, Michèle Lalonde, Nell Painter, Nicholas Galanin, Robert Morris, Ryan Kuo, and Artist once known, after Leochares.

Conceptions of White is organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery and will be on display  at the Art Museum, located  at15 King’s College Circle, until April 15. 

Visit the Gallery webpage to learn more. 

THE ECO ART EXHIBIT 2023 (Jan 18-29) 

Gallery 1313 is hosting Eco Art 2023, an exhibit showcasing the work of over 20 artists that take issue with the seriousness of the state of the planet. 

Multiple media is used to create these works. Recently, people have become more aware of how delicate our planet is as we feel the effects of climate change, urban sprawl and much more. 

The artists showcased in this exhibit are just as concerned for the planet, and Gallery 1313 has long provided a platform for them to express these issues through art. 

Gallery 1313 is a non-profit charitable and artist-run gallery exhibiting local, national and international contemporary art.

The exhibit was curated by Gallery Director Phil Anderson and participating Artists Include:Alexandra Kiss, Andrew Lindell, Angele Blastutti, Anne Winter, Cheryl Bailey, Courtney McKay Fairweather, Gerda R. Wekerle, Ignor Sinitar, Istvan Kantor, Joanne Shenfeld, Joe Atikian, Kate Greenway, Leah Oates, Margaret Kittel, Mikael Sandblom, Paige Quinn, Patrizia Brasch, Phil Irish, Robert Teteruck, Sandra Nicole Franke, Skye Cheung and Tommy Feiler.

Gallery 1313 is celebrating 26 years of contemporary art and is open Wednesday to Saturday from 1-5 p.m. and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. 

VIsit the museum website for more. 


DesignTO Festival aims to bring people together to design a better, more sustainable future. The festival happens online and in-person at venues across the city. Most exhibits are free, but some do require you to RSVP for tickets. Window installations are viewable from outside. 

Visit the DesignTO website to book tickets and to learn more

For more on what’s happening around Toronto this weekend, click here.

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