Five vegan barbecue options that aren’t Beyond Meat


There are hundreds of serious misconceptions about those who abide by a plant-based diet, but there’s one that really sends us over the edge this time of year. We aren’t entirely sure where this false notion originated from but, despite the chatter, vegans do love a good barbecue.

We might steer clear of T-bone steaks and cheddar smokies, but there are several meat alternatives that have us drooling as they sizzle on the grill.

Since we’re about halfway through the summer, you’re probably sick of Beyond Meat burgers.

If you’re in the mood to switch things up, check out these five plant-based alternatives that will leave the carnivores at your BBQ feeling extremely confused. Sometimes all it takes is a killer black bean burger to turn a meat eater.

Impossible Burger

For those who love the texture of meat but refuse to overlook their stance on animal rights and climate change, the Impossible Burger is a delicious alternative. The ground round is made from plant-based ingredients and can be formed into patties, tossed into a pasta sauce, or stuffed into taco shells. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re in desperate need of some inspiration when it comes to dressing your burger, we have plenty of tasty suggestions. Consider toppings like crispy onions, pickles, garlic aioli, homemade guacamole, and even grilled pineapple.

Field Roast Smoked Apple and Sage Plant-Based Sausages

Brace yourself for this news: some people don’t enjoy eating greasy burgers covered in condiments. Though these people are likely aliens, it would be wrong to exclude them from our backyard BBQs or this article.

If you prefer a grilled sausage, stuffed in a hot-dog bun or consumed on its own, Field Roast has some mouthwatering options.

Its Smoked Apple and Sage sausages are delectable when brushed with a sweet barbecue sauce and served alongside potato salad and roasted corn. The vegan links are also available in Italian Garlic and Fennel and Spicy Mexican Chipotle flavours.

The Very Good Butcher’s Very Good Dog

Hot dogs hit differently when they’re plant-based – there’s no need to dwell on the concept of “mystery meat” as it slides down your gullet.

The Very Good Butcher’s Very Good Dog is crafted from organic navy beans and wheat, white onions, and spices. These dogs are best served cradled in a Dempster’s hot-dog bun, drizzled with ketchup, relish and mustard. Take it a step further and elevate your vegan hot-dog by topping it with sauerkraut and caramelized onions.

The plant-based meat company is proud to butcher beans, not animals.

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Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger

These bad boys aren’t difficult to locate, unlike some of the plant-based meat alternatives. Most grocery-stores chains carry Gardein’s meat-free products in the frozen section.

Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Burger patties have the same juicy texture as meat burgers and they can be cooked on the grill without falling apart. Each patty is only 130 calories, which means you can fill the remaining space on your paper plate with creamy coleslaw without feeling guilty.

DIY veggie patties

If you really want to impress your friends and family, try making your own plant-based burger patties. We’re partial to recipes from the Minimalist Baker: The Best Vegan Burger and the Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger.

And of course, no barbecue is complete without a potato salad. The ever-so-fattening salad, comprised mainly of boiled potatoes slathered in mayonnaise, isn’t just for meat eaters and vegetarians. There are tons of scrumptious vegan potato salad recipes floating around the Internet.

Instead of using real mayonnaise in the recipe, use Follow Your Heart Vegenaise or Hellman’s Vegan Mayonnaise. Some other vegan potato salad recipes use soaked cashews for the dressing. If you’re hosting guests that follow a strict plant-based diet, be sure to skip the addition of hard-boiled eggs.

This story originally appeared in the Georgia Straight.




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