Hassling the hunt

We get disruptive at Luther Marsh



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Agree to disagree?

It is fine to disagree with hunting, despite the fact that hunters are the largest group contributing to conservation and the vast majority of them hunt ethically and geniunely care to protect the long term sustainability of their quarry and the habitat needed to sustain them).

What is not fine (and is in fact illegal) is disrupting law abiding hunters who have every right to be there. If you are concerned that they are hunting illegally, you should be contacting MNRF to investigate. What you were doing is in contravention of Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act section 13.1:

13. (1) A person shall not interfere with lawful hunting, trapping or fishing by,

(a) tampering with traps, nets, bait, firearms or any other thing used for hunting, trapping or fishing;
(b) placing himself or herself in a position, for the purpose of interfering, that hinders or prevents hunting, trapping or fishing; or
(c) engaging in an activity, for the purpose of interfering, that disturbs or is likely to disturb wildlife or fish.

Eric 5 days ago

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