Love your body? Then show it off in 2021

The year 2020 has been hard on everyone’s minds, souls… and bodies. Whether you’ve been in isolation for eight months, working tirelessly on the front lines or coping with the effects of the virus itself, everyone’s been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. So NOW Magazine’s special Love Your Body issue this year will reflect the realities of living with COVID.

For the past five years, this award-winning NOW cover package has featured diverse bodies and stories from Toronto residents. (Fun fact: last year, one of the models, Maxx Daviid, flew from Washington, D.C. to Toronto so he could participate in the feature and promote body positivity.)

The idea is to counter the cheesy “new year, new you” message we are fed every January by mainstream media. You know the drill: Join the gym! Start eating better! Here’s how to lose weight! And here’s where to spend money you definitely don’t have to do all that.

Every January, Love Your Body offers up a refreshing alternative to all that noise. Here’s a selection of past Love Your Body models and their inspiring, affirming stories.

It’s always one of the most-read, and most-commented-upon features. The feedback, from participants and readers alike, has always been overwhelmingly positive.

Note: all the photographs will be taken with the strictest attention to the latest safety protocols. COVID-19 has changed everything, and we’re exploring creative ways to capture how you love your body.

If you’re interested in being featured in a tastefully nude photoshoot and have a story to tell one of NOW’s journalists about your body, please contact Glenn Sumi (glenns [at]

The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 7, at 6 pm ET. Please include the words Love Your Body in the subject line. We’re looking for people of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and abilities.


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