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Whether you’re a soccer mom or dad, couch commentator or undisputed office Foosball champion, we’ve all got a sporty side. And just as there are countless types of sports-lovers, there are countless types of gifts to buy them this year. Be as diverse with your giving as you are with your circle of friends and you’re sure to hit it out of the park this holiday season.

Sports and snacking seem to go hand-in-hand, what with all the sitting, watching and waiting. But just because you’re putting on winter weight doesn’t mean you can’t also support your favourite team. These sandwich makers can emblazon your team’s logo on your ciabatta while simultaneously making the perfect panini. Or put the away team’s logo on your sandwich and psych out their fans by scarfing it down in front of them, never breaking eye contact. Badass, right?


Prohibition may be over but home brewing is alive and well. With the Beer Machine, you can serve up signature suds without having to go to the pub to see your team. With over 20 styles of beer to choose from (including ales, stouts and lagers), you can be a venerable rum runner at a fraction of the price. Put the money you’d save towards front row tickets and you’ll doubly be the envy of all the other sports fans in your life.


And now that we’ve got the tools to spend all winter eating and drinking without having to leave our homes, we’ve got to try especially hard to make sure we don’t let atrophy take the best of us.  And figuring how much we’re getting exercise (or not getting) is the first step. The Fibit Zip lets you track your steps, distance and calories burned in a day. Throw it on, head outside and try not to expire.


So, now we’ve got you out of the house and burning off calories at the track. But what if you want to spend your workout time catching up on last night’s game? The Slingbox media streamer has your covered. This futuristic device takes programs from your cable box or DVR and connects them to your phone or tablet, allowing you to watch games from wherever you are, never missing a second of the action.



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