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Though posting photos shot using film on Instagram feels like a bit of a contradiction, film photography is becoming an increasingly trendy hobby (whether you’re active on social media or not). Brands are starting to seek out film photographers and it’s a skill set many are looking to pick up. Though the lost art is undergoing a revival, not many Toronto shops specialize in developing film. Whether you use cheap disposable cameras for fun or are a more seasoned photographer, here are seven places in the city where you can get film developed.

Downtown Camera

Address: 55 Queen East

Target customer: The seasoned snapper

This mom-and-pop shop on Queen East is a staple of Toronto’s photography community. On the more affordable side, you can expect to spend roughly $10 per roll for disposable and single-use cameras, and just slightly upwards for 35 and 120 mm film. Turnaround time is dependent on the demand, but for a couple extra dollars, you can get photos back same day. Downtown would also be a great place to get your first film camera – it has a new and used selection of everything from cheap disposable film cameras to pricier point-and-shoots. They also carry darkroom supplies for ambitious folks who want to develop their own masterpieces. Save yourself from being overwhelmed in the large store with help from experienced and knowledgeable employees who are eager to help.

Annex Photo2.JPG

Olivia Bednar

Annex Photo is the place to go for personalized gifts with your photos on them.

Annex Photo

Address: 362 Bloor West

Target customer: The Instagram fanatic

This one-of-a-kind spot in the Annex has just undergone a modern makeover and is constantly buzzing with amateur and seasoned photographers alike. For a roll of standard 35 mm film in colour or black-and-white, you’ll pay between $10 and $25 per roll, depending on the number of photos and time frame for developing. This is also one of the few shops that will develop larger-scale prints (4×5 plus), but they have to send them out of house. This is also the place to go for those cute, kitschy mugs, mouse pads and personalized gifts with your photos on them.

Toronto Image Works.JPG

Olivia Bednar

Spadina shop Toronto Image Works caters to specialty and custom requests.

Toronto Image Works Ltd.

Address: 80 Spadina

Target customer: The experienced photographer

Started by acclaimed Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky along with managing director Jeannie Baxter, this photography studio is the go-to spot for any film developing-projects regardless of size. This space on Spadina caters to specialty and custom requests, and is one of the few places in town where you can develop film up to 4×5-inch sheets. Everything is developed in a darkroom in-house. Prices vary depending on the size and style of your film, but expect to spend between $10 and $20 per roll here.

West Camera.JPG

Olivia Bednar

West Camera uses a “push and pull” method for their black-and-white film.

West Camera

Address: 514 Queen West

Target customer: The trendy photographer

This hip Queen West shop’s specialty is film developing. They process everything from colour to black and white by hand using a “push and pull” method for their black-and-white film. They offer matte, glossy, or prints on fine art paper. Their prices for film processing are reasonable, sitting at around $10 per roll for prints and scans. They also cater to specialty films (126, APS, 110) and for a slight extra fee, you can get processing in just one hour. They also sell expired or lower-quality film at a more affordable prices, making the often expensive hobby a bit more accesible.

Aden Camera.JPG

Olivia Bednar

Aden Camera is a go-to downtown spot for students.

Aden Camera

Address: 348 Yonge

Target customer: The budget photographer

This spot just past Ryerson University on Yonge is a photography student’s best friend. You can get prints or scans for a flat fee of $5 per roll. It’s also a great place to purchase film and film accessories for cheaper prices.

Northern Artists.jpg

Courtesy of Northern Artists

Many staffers at uptown spot Northern Artists are also photographers.

Northern Artists

Address: 44 St Clair East

Target customer: The advanced photographer

This spot does processing only (just the negatives) ranging from about $6 to $12 and scans running from $15 to $30 depending on the format and size. They also offer payment per print from 35 to 75 cents a print, in addition to scanning costs. With many of their employees being photographers and artists themselves, their staff has a deep knowledge of the process and are eager to help customers out.


Courtesy of Photo 123

Photo 123’s prices aren’t as swank as the store’s Yorkville surrounds.

Photo 123

Address: 730 Yonge

Target customer: The beginner

Don’t be afraid of this spot’s location in the heart of Yorkville – they have a decent rate for film developing and a wide range of services. They do the basics of film developing and if you don’t have too many fancy requests, this spot is perfect. Expect to spend around $15 for a roll from a single-use camera and about $20-25 for 35-120 mm. | @OliviaaBednar



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