Lorraine Segato teams up with homeless street musicians on Songs From The Lowdown

"I understand what it is to be a wanderer. Everybody should have a safe, secure place to rest their head at night."



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Songs from the Lowdown

Pretty hard to be cynical about this enterprise yet a little research shows that an international charity organization called Playing for Change has been featuring homeless musicians and fighting poverty for some time now. More than a few of the musicians have become stars in their own right because of PFC's aggressive and innovative approach to highlighting their events both live and online. PFC now features a host of well known, established musicians and songwriters on their board and in their performances. That means shows sell out to thousands of fans and the money raised to help the homeless in the various countries where the performances take place is counted in the multiples of thousands. But it started out just featuring the homeless musicians.
Just strikes me that Ms. Segato kind of isolates herself and a noble effort that is certain to fall short of enlightening many to the true plight of the homeless. Worse however, the money raised is a grain of sand in the ocean when we consider the magnitude of the issue. I'm sure Ms. Segato, had she sought to make the biggest bang she could for Canada's homeless, could have linked with Playing For Change (as I'm unaware of a Canadian connection) and made certain the combined effort would have helped so many more. With the Lowdown, Ms. Segato's long shadow tends to overwhelm the people and the cause yet very effectively firm up a brand built on the appearance of a social conscience and activism; a brand Ms. Segato has been cultivating for years. The point is, a CD and a few shows certainly doesn't hurt her in any way but I can't help wonder how much it really does for the cause?

Brent Pulford 2 days ago

Lorraine's idea about homelessness

Such a great idea... so many talented people out there with something to say

Rhonda 4 days ago

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