Canadian exposes how bad inflation and food downsizing is getting in grocery stores

A man from Alberta wasn’t impressed after a trip to the grocery store. Aaron Hoyland/ Twitter

A man living in Alberta is sounding the alarm on food downsizing happening in grocery stores as inflation mounts across the country.

Aaron Hoyland took to Twitter after he received his groceries and realized something wasn’t right.

He ordered two boxes of multi-grain crackers from Walmart and it showed up in two completely different sizes, for the same price of $3.18.

“Obviously shrinkflation has been a thing forever, but it’s rarely so blatantly obvious. And it feels like the pace of it has been increasing over the past year or so,” Hoyland told Now Toronto.

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Other users chimed in sharing their similar experiences.

“I bought large eggs last week….they seemed small, so I compared to the ones previously purchased. They were medium eggs in a carton marked large. And priced as large,” one user wrote.

“My usual 100g of arugula got bumped down to 50g and the 2-pack of goat cheese I used to buy got downgraded to a 1-pack just the other week same price as before though,” another said.

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Inflation has been dominating the headlines lately, along with major grocery chain CEOs coming under fire for alleged price-gouging and profiting off Canada’s slowing economy. 

Last week, CEOs of major Canadian grocery store chains were called to Parliament to testify on soaring grocery prices.

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