Letters to the editor: COVID travel story is ignorant and arrogant

COVID travel story sums up why the virus its variants will claim millions more

Re Op-ed: Our Turks and Caicos vacation became a COVID quarantine story

While the rest of us stay isolated and do our best to prevent the global transmission of a deadly virus, you instead put your family and fellow countrymen in danger by going on a trip to Turks and Caicos. In what is no more than a travelogue piece designed to pay for your flight of fancy by essentially advertising for Beaches Resorts and blaming unmasked Americans for the close call that your children had with death or a serious life long illness (which may still yet transpire), you somehow expect us to feel sorry for you having to return home to the cold climes of Ontario. While you’re returning, you’ll be bringing with you the remnants of a COVID infection that will not have totally cleared your children’s systems, which will now be mingled with the airflow of thousands of other Canadians who’ve done their part to observe government recommendations and work in the public interest. Pardon me if I don’t care to read your story of self-centred privilege and unwillingness to work towards the greater good. None of us appreciate your ignorance, arrogance and complete lack of empathy for the rest of us playing by the rules and doing our part to bring this devastation to an end. Your blindness and the blindness of your article pretty much sums up why this virus and its variants will claim millions more through death and lifelong illness.

Charles AndersonFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Embarrassing COVID travel writer is trying to be like Drake

This is easily one of the most embarrassing editorials in the history of NOW Magazine. I love how the author spends several paragraphs calling Drake a colonizer for buying property down there without even a hint of self-reflection. He doesn’t even seem to realize that factoid reveals that he chose a vacation destination purely to be like Drake, which is excruciatingly embarrassing behaviour from a middle-aged man. Only the best writers who root their career in anti-racism would choose to ignore government safety mandates and leave Canada during a pandemic lockdown so that he and his family could sit on a beach and be served by underpaid Black people.


Mark & Mandie Murphy of Left Field Brewery became certified living wage employers last year.
Courtesy of Left Field Brewery

Manufacturing firms have entry level positions starting at $26 an hour

Re Why these Toronto employers are choosing to pay a living wage

We run a manufacturing firm in Mississauga. Our lowest level position with no high school degree starts at $26. We can’t find a single worker. These people are offering $22 and it’s on the news as a marvel to humanity. Unbelievable.


Scotiabank Theatre Cineplex
Radheyan Simonpillai

CEO’s attitude says something about Cineplex’s COVID approach

Re Cineplex and TIFF set to reopen January 31 and February 3, respectively

Wow. Ellis Jacob’s attitude about “unwarranted restrictions” really does go a long way towards explaining why Cineplex was completely ignoring their own mandate to ensure socially distanced seating at their theatres prior to the latest shut down. People were crammed together like it was normal times. Not very impressed with the chain lately.



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