Letters to the editor: John Tory can’t blame the unhoused for fighting for their survival


Toronto expelling unhoused people from sight

If cities like Toronto are “committed to ending homelessness,” we must ask ourselves why Mayor John Tory dispatched a cavalry of police officers on horseback (NOW Online, July 25) to clear the encampments. This rough way of handling vulnerable people plays out even in smaller cities like Barrie, as unhoused people are expelled from public sight.

We cannot blame jails and hospitals for releasing people when their time has been served any more than we can blame the unhoused for fighting for their own survival. They need income support and affordable, if not transitional, housing.

Christopher MansourToronto

Handling of encampments reveals Tory’s true colours

Politicians are basically the same. Their interest is usually the bottom line. Whenever a real issue arises, you can see their true colours.

In the case of Mayor John Tory, there is no surprise when it comes to his handling of people experiencing homelessness and sleeping in parks. It’s phony and very hypocritical. We need a different Mayor if this city is to move forward.


If Doug Ford won’t protect the public, businesses will

Re Proof Of Vaccination Becoming A Reality For Anti-Vaxxers (NOW Online, July 27) The fact is that Doug Ford and governments at all levels are not willing to take the action necessary to protect its citizens from those who are not vaccinated.

The easiest way for the public to cause this to change is to not patronize any event or business which does not take steps to admit only vaccinated people. The public has the power to influence change with their spending decisions.


Vaccine passports = coercion

Those pushing Doug Ford to introduce vaccine passports are encouraging the government to use coercive measures to force citizens to undertake a health care measure they are not comfortable with.

It’s easy to criticize individuals by classifying them as “anti-vaxxers,” but every person should be allowed to make their choice. Moral responsibility has nothing to do with it. Next, you’ll be saying it’s our patriotic duty to get vaccinated.


Sock puppets have hijacked the National Post

Re Of Charlatans, Conrad Black And Canada’s Genocide Denial (NOW Online, July 5) I highly suspect (but cannot prove) that the National Post comment board consists in large part of sock puppets who post 24/7. There are hundreds of these sock puppets. Any bonafide commenter who is in disagreement with this fake crowd is summarily drummed off the board, with odious insults, and misogynistic slurs (if female). I am unclear if the sock puppet creators are paid or if a particularly exuberant right-wing group has simply hijacked the board.

Teresa FlanaganFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Time to add Funkadelic to Toronto street names

Re Toronto Moves To Rename Dundas Over Slavery Ties (NOW Online, July 7) Toronto has a George Street, a Clinton Street and a Parliament Street. Toronto clearly needs to complete the set and add a Funkadelic Street. Now is the time.





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