Letters to the editor: Leaked video, 911 calls raise more questions on Nova Scotia mass shooting


Deadliest shooting in Canadian history getting no traction

Re Why Isn’t The Nova Scotia Mass Shooting A National Scandal? (NOW Online, June 15) Hard to believe this story isn’t gaining traction with any of the major mainstream Canadian media outlets. Journalist Paul Palango deserves a lot of respect for hammering away at this story for the last 14 months. Appreciate NOW amplifying it.


Will Nova Scotia mass shooting be an election issue?

What’s the hold-up on the inquiry? Are local Jehovah’s Witnesses or other secret societies compounding RCMP corruption? Will voting the Liberals out of office make any difference? Have Conservatives stepped up to make a Nova Scotia inquiry a provincial or federal election issue?


Glossing over Palestinian extremism

Re Canadian Artists Fear Backlash For Speaking On Israel-Palestine (NOW Online, June 9). The problem with this article is that Palestinian and Arab extremism is glossed over so that your readers have a slanted understanding of what is happening in Israel and the Palestinian Territories and Gaza.

When will we read in NOW Magazine that Hamas is recognized by the West as a terrorist organization? When will we read that since 2001, Hamas has rained thousands missiles into Israel, an act recognized by Human Rights Watch as a war crime. When will we read that the European Union has recently criticized the use of hate in Gaza UNRWA schools toward Israel?


Conflating Zionism with white supremacy is absurd

NOW Magazine and its interviewees seem to think that Zionism, a political movement striving to return national sovereignty to the long-exiled Jewish people in their ancestral homeland, should be filed away in the same drawer of evil as an ideology intent on harming and destroying the Jewish people.   

This absurd stance is not too surprising from a historical perspective. Hatred towards Jewish people has always been dressed up in the current taboos of society. Now the Jewish people’s desire for self-determination marks them as the bugaboos of colonizers and oppressors.

Your article mentions celebrities and artists who have experienced pushback because of their antagonism towards Israel.  Aside from the obvious fact that the political Left itself birthed and engages in the techniques of cancel culture, the lived experiences of Israeli actors like Gal Gadot should illustrate that it is not always so peachy being pro-Israel. Weeks back, she published a post on social media that displayed her support for the IDF and her desire for peace between Israel and its neighbours.  Her punishment for this affront was to be vilified across the internet by the anti-Israel camp, with calls for her to be fired from the role of Wonder Woman.

David MiadovnikFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Canada supporting made-in-Israel atrocities

“How many people in the arts community, for example, are speaking up about the atrocities in Tigray, Ethiopia?”
Perhaps we are guilty of this, but for Canadians isn’t Israel a different kettle of fish?

Our government explicitly backs Israel and claims “Israeli values are Canadian values.” Canada sells and buys arms with Israel, gets police training and even insists that product truth-in-label rules are trumped by a trade agreement that allows wine made in the Occupied Territories to be labelled as “Made in Israel”.

In addition, governments and educational institutions across Canada repeatedly suppress criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic, and this week we learned that the Green Party leader won’t defend her caucus when slandered by her own adviser for opposing Israel’s bombing of civilians.

If Canadian governments and institutions are similarly supporting atrocities in Tigray, I haven’t heard of it.


This summer list will make you love Toronto even more

Re The Best Things To Do This Summer In Toronto (NOW Online, June 10) This creative and diverse list encourages me to love my city of Toronto even more!

Leslie Forge – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Cannabis edibles ins and outs

Re High Park: Three Edibles Perfect For Summer Hangouts (NOW Online, June 12). The reason edibles with 20 milligrams of THC or more exist is because a lot of people use edibles to medicate, not just to attend social functions. If you should suffer from chronic pain and can’t get comfortable enough to sleep most nights, then a dose well in excess of 20 milligrams makes a lot of sense.

Jason WilliamsFrom NOWTORONTO.COM




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