TTC introduces new safety reporting options for riders

FILE-Commuters jam subway cars and the platform at St. George station on the TTC subway line in Toronto, Thursday, Jan.24, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graeme Roy

Amid a surge in violent attacks on public transit, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has introduced additional safety reporting measures for its riders. 

This move comes  after Toronto Police announced they will be scaling back their presence within r the transit system. 

TTC customers can now report their concerns at 647-496-1940 through “SMS Text a Tip” or choose to use the webform at to include additional details and images. 

“These new methods provide additional options for customers to report any suspicious or concerning activity on the system. The TTC is constantly looking at ways to improve customer and employee safety, and will continue to put measures in place to make the system even safer for everyone,” TTC Chair Jon Burnside said in a release on Tuesday. 

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In addition to these new options, TTC riders can also use the existing SafeTTC app, which allows customers to discreetly report safety concerns or other suspicious activity. On the app, users can report a problem directly to the TTC Transit Control Centre by sending texts, photos, videos or by calling 911 in an emergency. 

If riders are in an emergency situation, TTC encourages them to use the yellow emergency alarm strip on the vehicles, alert a TTC employee or police officer or use the Designated Waiting Area (DWA) intercom on the platform to contact staff.

“Safety of customers and employees is paramount to all the TTC does,” TTC CEO Rick Leary said in a statement. 

“We want to ensure that anyone who witnesses, or is a victim of a security incident on the TTC has an easily accessible method to report the incident directly to our Transit Control Centre. We will continue to work with all stakeholders on ways we can all make the TTC as safe as possible for customers and employees,” Leary added.

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