Will johns become the new “fags”?

While Toronto celebrates Pride beauty, the feds get busy unleashing a new moral panic



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Gender Equality

Bill-C36 should be renamed the Gender Equality act. Johns and prostitutes are the minority of society. They chose to be what they are. LGBT people don't hurt equality for anyone, but being pro-sex work does hurt gender equality. Pro-sex work is on the same level as pro-tobacco, pro-gun owner, pro-oil. What you are doing is reverse shaming society for what a tiny minority wants, which is to make money, lots of money without taxes. The same as gun or oil lobbyists. Women don't die from men due to laws or lack of laws, they die from gender inequality. Laws or no laws, there will be male abuse of sex workers and society as a whole. The stigma won't disappear.

When you get your decriminalization and businesses pop-up everywhere the supply will be so high that the price of sex work will plummet. This will create a sex slave society which has already happened in many countries Asia.

Keep promoting a male dominated world NowToronto.

Truth 139 days ago

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