Absolute Toner and Copiers supports Ontario businesses reopening with Lease-to-Own programs

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After more than a year and a half of navigating pandemic-related restrictions and regulations for businesses, there is finally an end in sight. For business owners, now is the time to start preparing for reopening or resuming operations at full capacity.

While the pandemic brought overwhelming feelings of uncertainty to many, it also taught us a handful of extremely valuable lessons. This includes the importance of supporting local and independent businesses. With COVID-19 at the end of the horizon, the majority of Ontario’s retail stores, restaurants and professional offices will be opening back up. 

Vaughn-based printing supplies company, Absolute Toner and Copiers, offers affordable laser toner cartridges and multifunctional office laser printer options to businesses that require a reliable, heavy duty copier or printer. These often include businesses within industries like law, health care, finance and education. 

“It’s time for businesses in Ontario to start coming back and Absolute Toner and Copiers is here to help with their toner, ink and business copier needs at the absolute lowest prices available,” says Shai Landau, founder and CEO of Absolute Toner and Copiers.

To help companies avoid financial stress during this overwhelming time, Absolute Toner and Copiers is offering Lease-to Own-programs for copiers with the lowest rates in Canada.

 Is it better to lease or buy an office printer? One of the advantages is the cost-effective programs which include full service agreements that can even cover the cost of consumables. 

Leasing a high-performance commercial printer allows business owners to make smaller payments over a period of time. This is beneficial as most businesses have struggled with the financial impacts of COVID-19 and are unable to afford one large upfront payment. 

Businesses taking advantage of the convenient Lease-to-Own programs can even upgrade or switch their machine at any time. Absolute Toner and Copiers also provides the lowest price on consumables for businesses with existing photocopiers and machines. The Lease-to-Own programs start at $25 per month. 

With the much-anticipated reopening of businesses in Ontario, having a reliable printer and copier will ensure seamless experiences for customers and employees. Keeping paper records remains the safest way to keep track of transactions and important documents. Businesses that use commercial-grade printers will also be able to quickly develop or resume marketing campaigns to engage with potential customers. 

Absolute Toner and Copiers sells and leases multifunctional office printers and Xerox production printers as well as machines from other well-known brands like Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Samsung, Lexmark and Ricoh office printers. In addition to commercial printers and copiers, the company carries a selection of paper cutters, finishers, projectors and shredders. It also has both monochrome and colour printers in stock.

If you’re unsure whether or not your business would benefit from leasing or purchasing a commercial printer or copier and would like to know more about costs, a free consultation will help provide insight. The professional team at Absolute Toner and Copiers is tremendously knowledgeable about the printing products and leasing programs that they offer. Exceptional customer service and satisfaction is always guaranteed.  

For more information, visit absolutetoner.com and request a copier quote or book a time to visit the showroom to take a look at the floor models.

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