The Jersey punk band’s fifth album employs their infrequently used weapon: ballistic folk with traditional arrangements. more

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The Toronto-based singer/songwriter has created mobilized many of the city's most underrated musicians to create a stunning, detail-rich album about violence more

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For their fifth album, the long-running Toronto indie rock band got some chill more

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Chelsee Ivan

The Toronto band's impressive debut album is urgent and visceral, but a slow burn more

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Eye To Eye, the first LP from Toronto's Steven Foster and his band, fixes stadium grandiosity onto dense, idiosyncratic guitar pop songs more

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On I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life, Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner confront climate change and white privilege over complex electro rhythms more

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The Toronto band has crafted one of the best local debut albums of the year more

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The French-Cuban twins merge tropical rhythms, lush vocals and story-rich lyrics on their soul-searching new album more

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The Toronto trio's fourth full-length elevates its nostalgic, longing songs with outstanding musicianship more

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With an incisive take on the complexity of desire, anxiety and confusion, Annie Clark captures what it's like to live in this present more

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Choir Of The Mind finds the Metric singer clear-minded and resilient in the face of sadness more

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The Toronto-based group’s second album is rough around the edges and better off for it more

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The former Young Rival singer's self-titled album is idiosyncratically crafted and nostalgically familiar more

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But the Katie Crutchfield-led band's fourth record feels under-written and over-performed when considered alongside many of the great recent reissues from grunge-pop’s heyday more

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An ironic, irreverent tone renders some songs frivolous, but Everything Now comes in for a smooth landing by the end more

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But don't let that fool you into thinking the songs on third album And The Magic Of Horses are simplistic more

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The Toronto singer/songwriter's debut full-length album is fuzzy, toe-tapping, summery Canadiana more

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The French band's sixth album comes stocked with deck-shoegaze, nu-yacht rock and disco jams more

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At a time when DIY sometimes suggests the heedless jettisoning of any frills, the Montrealers are refreshingly fussy overachievers more

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