Great Great Great lives up to that title

Co-writer Sarah Kolasky delivers a tour de force performance in Adam Garnet Jones’s follow-up to Fire Song

GREAT GREAT GREAT (Adam Garnet Jones). 80 minutes. Opens Friday (October 6). See listing. Rating: NNNN

Great Great Great is Adam Garnet Jones’s follow-up to his 2015 breakout, Fire Song. It’s similarly modest in scale, being a tightly focused character study of Lauren (Sarah Kolasky), a Toronto woman who finds herself questioning her life choices when her parents announce their separation and her sweet but almost pathologically considerate boyfriend (Daniel Beirne) proposes.

Lauren experiments. Lauren tests her boundaries. She uses whatever’s at hand, including an old flame (Richard Clarkin), who’s newly back in her orbit and not terribly respectful of her current relationship status. And the more time we spend with Lauren, framed in increasingly tight spaces by Jones and cinematographer James Klopko, the more it seems that there’s no way any of this can possibly end well. 

Great Great Great is a moody, occasionally piercing drama, and Kolasky – who co-wrote and co-produced the film with Jones, a regular collaborator – is terrific in a tricky role, keeping us on Lauren’s side as she acts out in increasingly risky ways by hinting at the panic driving those actions. 

It’s a tour de force performance, played in a minor key.

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