Lucky (Barsuk/Outside)

Nada Surf play the Opera House April 7. Rating: NNNN

If any successful mid-90s band can consider themselves lucky, it’s Nada Surf. The group had a huge hit in 1996 with the shoegazing alt-rock hit Popular, and then were unceremoniously dumped by their major label. Somehow the band survived, and despite being nearly 40, they’re writing the best music of their lives.

The group’s fifth disc is an infectious collection of bright rock songs (Whose Authority) and calm, soothing numbers (See These Bones). It’s definitely more like The Weight Is A Gift than the amped-up Let’s Go, but just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. No longer are Nada Surf the wide-eyed kids who thought signing to a major would be the be-all and end-all these guys are wiser, more thoughtful and more careful, and their music is better for it.

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