An American begs Canada for mercy

Help us because the race for the presidency is over, but the human race can’t afford to pay for America’s decline



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While you're down there

begging for mercy I have another much bigger "job" for you. I need you to "atone" for Fox "News". And don't come up until every batshit crazy pundit has had a stake driven into it's cold barren heart and until the light of the sun has burned to ashes every unclean and undead Repug in the land.

My goat wants to Chair the Fed 8 days ago

Give ma a break, buddy

How the fuck is Faux Noise his fault? He wasn't there when it started, and he never bought stock in TCF or News Corp. So lay off the bullshit with him on that. I will blame him and his ilk for the emoprogressive bullshit that caused Trump to be in office (namely Feeling The Bern and also voting for Jill Stein), but that's it.

He's asking for help to fix the USA, and he wants Canada to at least deny the USA what it wants or at least be what it was under Trudeau Sr., a middle power that's not always with the USA on things. Grant him that, at least. Of course, he could simply just come here and that's it, but he possibily doesn't have enough moolah to emigrate here or a skilled trade.

Dusty 7 days ago

While you're down there

"Negotiating" this "break" do you mind giving my shoes a quick polish as well? Thanks.

My goat wants the same 7 days ago

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