Canada's growing gun problem

When it comes to anti-gun laws, Canada is carving out its own nasty rep, thanks to lobbying efforts learned from gun advocates south of the border




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Pfft. whatever...

More misleading, disingenuous fear-mongering from the chuckle-little left. An author who claims "now is not the time" to gone about Newton... then goes on about it at least a half dozen times. You can't compare Canada to other countries simply because no other country shares the world's more porous border with the US, a country with more guns than people. Mexico has stricter guns than Canada, a tougher border, and yet look at their gun violence. Where do you think all those gun come from? Mexican gun shops? Nope... they're all illegally brought in from the US. Same as here. Your stats on the source of guns used in crimes here is total BS. You really think the criminals are buying them from "crooked cops" Don't be so foolish. They come from the US. The answer is not to crack down on legal gun owners, the answer is to crack down on the criminals and the mentally ill. Increase sentencing, and then get judges to actually impose appropriate sentences, instead giving every gang-banging murder a pat on the back and some cookies and you let them walk freely out the court. Increase border controls. Increase programs for the mentally ill and those in crisis. Increase the police presence in problem areas. Start programs to interact with and assist the those from the largest demographics in gun crime. (yes, whether they are rich, poor, white, black, yellow, red, whatever... ) You go where the problem, you ignore it just because it's politically correct and you don't want to offend anyone. And lastly.. can we PLEASE get some responsible journalism? The media has become nothing more than a joke, just another business, out to push an agenda and maximize profits.

Wolf 49 days ago

Plano, Texas

A good reporter researches ALL his statements. Google Plano Gun Statistics.

"the new mythology in America is that more guns are safer, presumably since more people with guns can defend themselves. I've heard the same from gun advocates here."

Robert H. 196 days ago


Does the author understand the gun registry? The registry does nothing other than put a number in a database with a name and address. It does not in any way prevent someone from using a firearm or allow police to track someone who uses one for criminal activities. There are no ballistics on any file. Its sole purpose is to know exactly where every gun in canada is stored so that they can be siezed at any time. It also gives the police unimpeded access to private property because of a "known potential threat"..That is it, period, end of story.

Daryl 254 days ago

La-La Land

What the most of people don't see is that the politics only pander to the few that speak the most. The feel goods that tell us that somebody knows better than us help the masses by making laws to control us. This is reflected in the laws that commies(lack of better term)(or Liberals) try to inflect on us. IE: illegal in Canada to defend yourself or family. The right to defend yourself was not granted by men, it is a natural law and for politics to say they cannot do it is in direct contradiction of (for lack of better term) gods law. 20 years ago in Canada you did not tell anyone how much money you made, let alone what your religion or political leanings are.,Canadians are private people and if the feelgoods think that they really know what we as a people want or need or have, they are stupid. Canadians do not obey laws that are against the common good. they just say o'well.and do not submit.,which is why the longgun reg. failed.I would submit that that the rate of gun ownership in Canada is above 70% .We as a nation may not have the laws that help us be as free as the USA but we still believe in those basic principles. The US laws of freedom and choice still inspire all people to strive to a better future.

Bill 300 days ago

Enzo Dimatteo is living in la la land

I am truly saddened by Enzo's ignorance. I am equally saddened by the ignorance of anyone believing anything they read in such a poorly written article. And by the way America isn't Canada. Don't mix those apples and oranges.

Mark 333 days ago

gun lies

There's a whole lot of BS. When a person says most crimes are committed by illegal guns, you say they actually mean black people. When someone says most crimes are committed by illegal guns, they mean the guns are illegal. Smuggled in via the USA. Nothing more.

Your outright lie is nothing more than a method to accuse the other side of being racist and dismiss their factual argument. It's not just the gun people who say, it's the police too. Your simply ignoring the most important evidence, that the honest people are not the ones doing the vast majority of crimes and killing.
If you have to call others racist so your audience ignores the facts your opposition is telling then you aren't being honest.
As far as I can see, only one person is making racist or bigoted comments.
BTW, I don't own any firearms, I have not for over 30 years. I've never owned a handgun. I don't have any intention of buying guns. I don't want or need them. But I can still see nonsense when someone is peddling it.

Jerry Tarone more than 1 year ago

Do countries with stricter gun laws really have less crime or fewer homicides?

I refer the authour to a well researched and supported thesis which is in sharp contrast with his own sensationalist, ill researched, and opinionated work.

Vihkr more than 1 year ago


Enzo is trying to impose his beliefs on all Canadians. He's obviously another lover of the nanny state. Passing more laws is the only answer he has. He would like the government to hold his hand through life because he is incapable of original thought. Yes Enzo, let's disarm all law abiding gun owners in Canada because we all want to make YOU happy.

P Abbruzzese more than 1 year ago

Lol this actually hilarious ..

Really a hand gun ban?? Why not Reban murder it will be about as useful. The people who write these articles write on emotions and not facts .. In Canada 169 people per day die or and injured by drunk driving... But the real danger the real thread to life the real problem to Canada's survival is the extremely few people who choose to owns lawful handgun. Wow makes me think if they where successful in banning handguns and they realize just like every other country and never reduced the murder rate what will they go after next?? Cars ?? Learn fact tell the story from statistical numbers not "I think" "I feel" "I suggest" Stats canada is only a click away. So is the FBI stats site .. And so is Scotland's yard.. Take the time to realize that even the strictest gun control places suffer from the "EXACTLY THE SAME MURDER RATE PER CAP" as every other country gun ban or no gun ban. People who wrote these articles are prodicles of kids who grew up watching Hollywood and are as disillusioned from the real world of "where food comes from" its senseless

Mark more than 1 year ago

Words but no substance

This article makes a LOT of claims that may ro may not be true. I don't know because none of the "facts" stated have any references or citations.

This is nothing more than an editorial rant, no different from a live journal post.

Jay more than 1 year ago


People need to stop thinking semi-automatics are the same as fully automatics. One shoots repeatedly when the trigger is held, this is prohibited and there is no legal place in all of canada that they can be discharged. The other discharges 1 round every time the trigger is pulled, this is called a semi automatic, this is legal, and just about as dangerous as a pump action shot gun or bolt action rifle. Stop putting them in the same category, they are not the same by any means. Its this sort of thinking that makes my Uncle who lives on the Knight inlet and outlaw. So with a gun ban you want him to have to boat to town every month for food? And fight off wildlife with a sharpened stick? It would just mean more innocent law abiding citizens dying off because of misconceptions.

Frustrated Fire Fighter more than 1 year ago

Another outlook

(Gun advocates usually mean mostly black, mostly urban crime when they say that. Perhaps they haven't noticed that most of the perpetrators committing the mass murders are mostly white loner types with mental health issues. But back to the point at hand.)

I read the rest of your article, but I found it hard to take you seriously after reading this paragraph. What is that supposed to mean? Are you implying that gun owners are not only potential mass murderers but also inherently racist? I could generalize your side as being sick, using the deaths of women and children as the banner you wave to further your agenda and beliefs. No, I will not address your red herring any further, but will address the actual facts that concern gun control.

Look, the statistics are the only thing that should matter here. People argue that you are more likely to die driving to the airport, than on the plane. You are more likely to die in a car than by a shark attack. You are also more likely to die of nearly anything else, than you are from a mentally disturbed individual attacking you with a firearm, most firearm related deaths are from suicides. Yes suicides. The likelihood of being harmed by a mass murderer with a firearm are slimmer than winning the lottery, are you going to base your life around such odds, I should hope not. This statistic excludes criminals, because let's face it they are going to keep on being criminals. Don't believe me? Try this thought experiment. If guns were completely banned in Canada, would you support taking away firearms from police? Why not? Most will answer that it is because law enforcement would need them to deal with armed CRIMINALS. As a law abiding firearms owner, I have a background check everyday. Everyday. This in my opinion puts law abiding gun owners in the category as being some of the most law abiding citizens in Canada, any infraction and we lose our privileged to own firearms, quite the incentive to keep in mind.

Taking away firearms from law abiding citizens will not make you anymore safe than you are now, so why do it? Any firearms related death, is one too many in my opinion. However taking my personal firearms, and the millions of law abiding people like me, won't help this.

What we need is more education, and methods of reaching out to the people who harm others and themselves before it's too late. Irrational arguments from emotions, are not going to help the situation, lets look at the facts, the statistics and address the real issues because the facts are NOT pointing the blame to the law abiding gun owners. Yes there is a problem, but it appears to be a mental health issue more so than anything else, so let's work together as citizens to solve the problem. People quickly get hot headed on both sides of this debate, but that isn't helping anyone.


A fellow Law Abiding Citizen

Joseph Pelley more than 1 year ago


You reference the eaton centre shooting as your inspiration for banning handguns and bullets. That man was a criminal and was not authorized to posess firearms in this country. How exactly would your handgun ban stop this man who clearly stole the gun from a legal gun owner, or purchased it on the street after it was smuggled into Canada from the U.S. ( the most probable)? Why don't we just re-ban murder? I think all Canadians, including gun owners, support laws and legislation that are PROVEN to keep Canadians safer. What you are advocating is punishing law abiding Canadians for the actions of criminals while showing complete disregard for the actual problem. Despite what you may think, Canada is not going backwards on gun control. The licensing system works, background checks work, storage and transport regulations work, safety courses work. Canada does not have a gun problem, look at the statistics! As for your comment about "more guns equals more gun related crime", another fine example of your ignorance. Ever hear of Switzerland? They have one of the highest "assault rifle" ownership levels in the world. Tell me how many murders occurred there last year. I could even argue cities such as Chicago and Washington DC who enacted your beloved handgun ban. The murder rate sky rocketed. Now don't get me wrong, I am not naive enough to say more guns less crime. In all actuality, the answer to the age old question "how do we reduce crime?" Is extremely complex. More complex than you or I will ever understand.

Oliver more than 1 year ago

damn straight

We should have the same freedoms as they do in the states and o assure you im a legal owner, and if i were a criminal, and i mean any criminal, if i wanted to rob your ass or kill somone i would need a gun to do it, there was even a guy who posted a comment on youtube statijg that he had people coming down to the states from canada to buy item of a questionable nature to take home and they do it all the time, and as far as weapons go, you mid as well ban cars, more people are killed by drunk drivers every year than in ten years with legal gun owners, and if a crminal wants a gun they will get one simple as that, youd have to litterally go back in time and dissinvent the gun, then on the other hand there is always somthing else to use as a weapon

nick ross more than 1 year ago

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