Letters to the editor: Doug Ford is clearly out of his depth


One minute he’s buddies with Trudeau, the next…

We badly need the media to continue to uncover what a mess Doug Ford is making in his handling of the pandemic in Ontario (NOW Online, May 11). One day he’s trying to be buddies with Trudeau, the next he’s ranting about how badly Trudeau is handling things. He is clearly out of his depth and unable to provide the leadership that this situation so desperately requires. Democracy is a wonderful thing; it’s letting us down badly at the moment. The solution is in our hands. I hope my fellow Canadians recognize that and vote accordingly in the next provincial election. It’s terrifying that someone with such a limited intellect can make it to the top of the most populous province in Canada.

Brian PearmanFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Doug Ford’s litany of offenses

Premier Doug Ford should not expect to be re-elected (NOW Online, May 4). Where to begin and which group has not been offended by Doug Ford? He has allowed developers to begin destroying the Greenbelt for another superhighway; he cut the budgets for women’s shelters triggering closures and service reductions; he fought Ontario’s midwives leading to their collective human rights action; he berated teachers who sought a pay increase and a return to manageable classrooms sizes; he failed to distribute COVID vaccines to badly affected regions like Peel to curb community spread; and he foolishly reopened schools assuring subsequent virus waves.

Christopher MansourToronto

Will we ever eat in restaurants again?

Re Why Some Toronto Restaurants Are Shutting Down Takeout During The Third Wave (NOW Online, May 4). Patios can be winterized for October and November, according to this article, to save restaurants. So, does this assume no indoor dining even after everyone is vaccinated? I’m not sure if this is what the writer meant but this sentiment is everywhere in this city. People seem to think the anti-vax crowd is getting support for their ideology from fringe groups. But it’s stuff like this, too. It is just confounding to me. Other countries can open and we can point to them, we just for some reason can never replicate their success. It’s safer for John Tory and Doug Ford to say that even with majority vaccinated with one dose by June it’s way too early to even discuss businesses even taking steps towards opening. Only lockdowns work in this city.


Vaccine rollout not fast enough for cancer patients

The phase two vaccine rollout (NOW Online, May 11) is just terrible for people in the higher-risk categories that are required to have their second dose within 26 days, such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. There is still no way for exceptions to change their second dose appointment date. I contacted Toronto Public Health late last week and was told that the only way to get your second vaccine dose earlier is to just walk up to the location where you had your first shot and present your medical note and situation and “hope” that they are able to fit us in. Apparently, they are aware of this at the vaccination clinics so I guess I will see. If anyone knows of anything different or how to change the second date please let me know.

Michael Falconi From NOWTORONTO.COM

Health Canada bends to Big Tobacco on vapes

Re The Dos And Don’ts Of Vaping (NOW Online, May 11). Health Canada was established to act in the interests of Canadians yet seems to readily bend to corporate manipulation. It allowed flavoured vaping products to be fully marketed without conclusive independent scientific proof that the product, as claimed by the tobacco industry, would not seriously harm consumers but rather help nicotine addicts wean themselves off of the more carcinogenic cigarettes.

Frank Sterle Jr.From NOWTORONTO.COM

Illicit cannabis sales online the real problem

Re The Second Coming Of Legalization (NOW Online, April 5). The problem is not with the quality of legal cannabis products. LPs grow better cannabis these days. But the cost to retailers is high and governments are not doing enough to reduce illicit market delivery and online sales.

Chris SkinnerFrom NOWTORONTO.COM




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