Letters to the editor: The insult added to discovery of mass grave at Kamloops residential school


Catholic church’s tax exemption should be revoked

Re Canada Lowers Flags For Mass Grave Discovered At Residential School (NOW Online, May 31). What is so extremely outrageous and insulting is that religious organizations to this day still have tax-exempt status. If you donate a dime to any of the religious orders that were in any way responsible for these massacres, you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. If the Cancer Society, United Way, MADD, WE or any other popular charity were found to have unexplained deaths literally in their backyards, someone would have revoked their charitable status by now.


Mare of Easttown’s superb finale

I agree with Glenn Sumi on all points in his review of Mare of Easttown (NOW Online, May 30). The Undoing and Mare of Easttown are both great shows. The acting is fantastic, too. This is the kind of TV I schedule. I want intelligent, superbly filmed, suspenseful programming. Well panned out by Glenn. Can’t wait till the next one!


Public art an important part of future cityscape

Re The Future Cityscape: 11 Buildings That Will Change Toronto (NOW, May 27-June 2). Great article but what about public art? There should be lots of calls for entries but I don’t see many at all in these projects.

Alex AnagnostouFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

What’s the long-term plan for development in Toronto?

Expansion in Toronto is happening too fast to deal with traffic. We’re also not dealing with homelessness and housing affordability. What is the big plan for the next 10-20 years?


Etobicoke to get new mini downtown

The Future Cityscape: 11 Buildings That Will Change Toronto offers a significant selection of projects, but adding a 12th example would have acknowledged that Toronto doesn’t end with downtown. Etobicoke, for example, is to get a whole new Civic Centre on land that used to be an interchange, kicking off the redevelopment of the Six Points area into what could be a new west end mini-downtown. That’s significant.


Baking with beer is fantastic, too

Great article on cooking with beer (NOW Online, June 5). My favourite thing for BBQ is beer. In winter, it is a blend of beer and red wine Bourguignon in my slow cooker. Recently, I learned that baking with beer is fantastic. It adds moisture and depth to quick bread and white wine sauces for a sumptuous fish dish. I do not drink alcohol but I would not be without beer and wine for cooking creations. I could go on, but your informative article says it all. Thanks very much.


Making housing speculation illegal

Yay to Radheyan Simonpillai, for this very clear and important article on the need for a real estate land speculation tax (NOW Online, June 5). If we can’t actually summon up the political fortitude to make housing speculation, flipping, and buildings left unoccupied by absentee owners illegal, at least we ought to seriously tax those engaged in these practices. Otherwise, the province and the city will continue to be in the pockets of developers and housing will continue to be unaffordable for thousands of people in Toronto.


Raising the red flag on Nova Scotia mass shooting

Re Was Nova Scotia Mass Shooter’s Replica RCMP Vehicle Intended For An Undercover Sting? (NOW Online, May 17). There has never been a mass murder where the suspect successfully avoided the police and the police refused to issue a warning to the general public. Journalism shouldn’t be tasked with holding the police accountable, but thank heaven they have chosen to raise the flag. That is democracy at work.


Conflating Zionism with anti-Semitism

Christopher Mansour has been spending the last few weeks sending in letters to the editor. It’s really impressive, actually. I would like to refute some of his ideas. First of all, if any historian has traced anything back to Abraham, that historian is a quack, as Abraham’s historicity has been all but disproven. He says that Jews have the right to the land because of some ancient prophecy and yet I assume he has no issue living on Indigenous land. Yes, anti-Semitic hate crimes must be condemned, but replacing that with Islamophobia, does not make things any better. Anyone who wants to conflate Zionism with Judaism is the real anti-Semite as far as I’m concerned.


Doug Ford to blame for not heeding pandemic advice

Re Doug Ford’s UsefuI Idiot Becomes Political Scapegoat (NOW Online, June 1). I will miss David Williams. It was Doug Ford who twisted the doctor’s advice. We would not have had this third wave if Ford listened to Williams.





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