Letters to the editor: Timbiebs leave a not-so-sweet taste


Nothing natural about these Timbiebs

Re Justin Bieber’s Timbiebs are here. But are they any good? (NOW Online, November 29).

I hope you got paid by the Brazilian private equity firm 3G Capital which owns Tim Hortons for this review.

Also, you should be more careful with your wording as this corporation reportedly uses everything but natural ingredients. Better to describe their products as simulated!

James LattimerFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

No time to wait for Omicron to spread

Re Omicron: Is it time to panic yet? (NOW Online, November 29).

Governments have the chance to take preventative actions now with semi-lockdowns to prevent the spread of this new variant but instead will wait for it to spread before doing exactly the same thing.


More to Corktown than shiny new Canary District

Re Toronto walk: Corktown feels like a real neigbourhood (NOW Online, November 30).

Corktown goes beyond the shiny newness of Canary District. There’s so much more to the area steeped in history and the origins of Corktown.


Cowboy Bebop puffery

Re Review: Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop dances to its own tune (NOW Online, December 3).

This isn’t a review – this is a promotional puff piece. No idea what Norm Wilner is talking about bringing Firefly into it. Firefly was inspired by Killer Angels and Bebop was one of the few sci-fi works it didn’t include an homage to.

There were no serious comments on character rewrites or plot changes – which as a reviewer should surely be at the top of the list. This was written to get clicks. Shame.

Isaac CarrollFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Painting With John the best ever?

Re The 25 best TV shows of 2021 (NOW, December 2-9).

Painting With John was not just the best TV show of 2021 – it was the best TV show ever.


Rehearsal Factory goodbye, Mustafa hello

Re As Rehearsal Factory closes buildings, Toronto faces a practice space crisis (NOW Online, December 3).

The band that I play in, Big Tobacco & the Pickers’, has practiced at the Geary location of the Rehearsal Factory for well over 10 years. Dan, who runs it is our very good friend. The Rehearsal Factory has always been good to us.

Also, I read your stunning review of Mustafa. Mustafa was my music student. I was teaching at the height of this violence. I was fascinated by the concert and your review was excellent.

Anne WerbitskyFrom NOWTORONTO.COM




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