Letters to the editor: Wilful blindness on Israel from its critics


Petition exposes double standard on Israel-Palestinian question

Re Toronto Artists Call On Koffler Centre To Divest From United Jewish Appeal (NOW Online, May 26).

I am always amazed by the variety of groups who support initiatives to isolate Israel. 

For example, the Chinatown Biennial organization is a signatory to the petition calling on the Koffler Centre to cut ties with United Jewish Appeal. Yet, I see no mention of their support for their fellow Chinese Uyghur’s who are dying in “re-education camps.” The South Asian Visual Arts Centre is also a signatory, yet I see no mention of their distress with India’s own apartheid (i.e., its caste system) which continues to economically and socially separate the lower castes. The Xspace Cultural Centre, which is committed to maintaining a queer positive environment, is also a signatory, yet they seemingly have nothing to say about the oppression and criminalization of LGBTQ communities in Gaza and the West Bank. Nor do any of these groups concern themselves with the Turks killing the Kurds, or the Taliban killing in Afghanistan. The list is endless. Why does this blindness exist?


Anti-Semites being portrayed as “martyrs”

Re: Photo Essay: March And Rally Calls For An End To Violence In The Middle East (NOW Online, May 23).

According to a recent Toronto Police report, hate crimes rose by 51 per cent in the city this past year. Global media has reported a sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents. The Israel Advocacy Movement tweeted about Islamic lobbyists rallying and chanting “Death to Jews” across European capitols. In North America, Jewish people rallying for their nation were attacked, threatened, and verbally abused.

The obscene and fatuous way the Palestinian lobby and other anti-Semitic racists portray Islamic extremists and Jew haters as “martyrs” is truly diabolical. 

Christopher Mansour – Toronto

Tone-deaf advertising choices

Amid the trial of George Floyd’s murderer, you ran an ad for a law enforcement program at one of our local colleges. Amid the bombing of people in Palestine, you featured the Jewish Film Festival. For a media outlet that prides itself on provocative reporting, diverse perspectives and a commitment to social and environmental justice, you have failed to uphold the values you claim. Your insensitive and tone-deaf choices show a severe lack of moral judgment. Please do better.  

Robin Lake – Toronto

Mapping Canada’s Indigenous art

Enzo DiMatteo’s interesting article on the Spadina subway station totems (NOW, May 27-June 2) makes an odd reference to the “Pacific Northwest” when describing Indigenous art of Canada’s West Coast Gitxsan. The last time I looked at a map, Canada’s northwest would be in the Yukon. 

John D. Stanley – Toronto

A best-selling concentrate missed on our list

Re 10 Canadian Concentrates That Kick (NOW Online, May 27). You missed out on one of the best concentrate producers – the Kolab Project. They offer some of the best selling concentrates on the market.

Nick Sincennes – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Psilocybin for all that ails your pet

Re Is It Okay To Get Your Pet High? (NOW Online, May 18) Love this! Great read. I work for a cannabis company that is researching psilocybin and cannabis and pets are a great candidate for CBD. Relief from arthritis and epilepsy come to mind when thinking of possible benefits for pets using CBD.


Trucks continue to cause unnecessary cycling deaths

A turning truck is a death trap for cyclists. Nearly 50 per cent of all pedestrian and cycling deaths involve turning trucks. The EU introduced a technically very simple solution – a continuous bar between the front and the rear wheels – 40 years ago. The sidebars were suggested for Canada at about the time. The trucking industry screamed that the sidebars were too expensive. So, we still have unnecessary deaths for lack of a bit of hardware. When is the right time to make our streets and roads safer?

Bengt Lindvall – Toronto




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