Graham Powell

The success of the LGBTQ poster campaign Hall of Justice, running in Toronto schools and exhibiting during Pride, suggests support for progressive sex-ed more


Porn, online dating, hookup culture – you’d think they’d shape a generation that’s promiscuous, but many Millennials aren’t having sex at all. Young locals tell us why more

Love and Sex


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From death threats to misguided media reports, there’s a long list of difficult challenges facing progressive activists of Muslim background in the west. more

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Zach Ruiter

Ontario’s curriculum controversy has empowered a home-schooling community that rejects what modern Canada represents more


If we left sexual education up to parents, it would sound ridiculous. Trust me – or at least my confused generation that grew up with the strangest names for genitals. more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog

In case you still doubted the need for an updated curriculum… more

Love and Sex



An event at Ryerson looked at the role that media plays in shaping conversations about sexual assault, rape and other forms of violence more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog