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My partner and I have hooked up in a mechanical closet at Harbourfront Centre, the bathrooms at the Drake, the rooftop of an abandoned building, an alley behind the Niagara Street abattoir, and – drumroll – City Hall Read more

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Plus: My brother started findomming. Should I tell my parents? Read more

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Plus: My son wants me to buy him a vibrator. What do I do? Read more

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Toronto sex experts sound off on the best personal lubricants for vaginas, butt play and even sperm. Read more

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Curiosity about female ejaculation isn't new. Here's a detailed history and explanation of what is squirting during sex. Read more

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Sex worker advocates say human trafficking claims are being used by bylaw enforcement officers and police to carry out “excessive, unnecessary and discriminative inspections and prosecutions” of body rub parlours and holistic centres Read more


Masturbate with the environment in mind by avoiding sex toys made from plastics and jellies and opting for erotic products you can feel good about buying. Read more

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Professional dominatrix Lady Pim and founder of Toronto's Ritual Chamber Headmistress Shahrazad provide tips on how to navigate the world of dating, sex and relationships with confidence and good communication. Read more

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People who live with physical disabilities deal with a special set of challenges when dating online. Read more

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Omni's THC-infused body lubricant is condom-friendly and stimulates blood flow. Read more


We talked to Canadian men who love butt play, especially when women wear strap-ons, and they're ready to spread the word on anal pleasure. Read more

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We asked readers to take a stab at all of your burning questions, from how to curb jealousy to entering the swingers scene. Here are the top answers. Read more

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Want to spice up your Valentine's Day? Here are seven sex-positive shops to buy sex toys, kink accessories and more. Read more



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Sexy photo shoots aren't only for cis, straight women. It's a chance for all bodies to feel empowered and appreciated. Read more


A first-timer's guide to going to Oasis Aqualounge, a Toronto sex club where anything goes as long as its safe and sex-positive. Read more

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Nine short films flipped the script on mainstream porn at the Toronto Queer Film Festival screening. Read more

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At Aura Dolls opening in North York, men will be able to act out their dark, violent fantasies on realistic sex dolls. Read more

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This show about 20-somethings hooking up in space is so bad it's out of this world Read more