CNE food 2019: All the wild new foods at this year’s fair

What's taking over the Food Building at this year's Canadian National Exhibition? Here's a hint: Pickles are involved

The CNE‘s 2019 foods have been unveiled, and the funnel cake gods have spoken: We’ll be eating plenty of pickles during the upcoming CNE season (August 16 to September 2), along with fried savoury foods topped with syrup, carnival food chopped up to look like other carnival food, and a sprinkling of scorpion pepper sauce.

Here’s everything you’ll probably immediately regret eating at CNE 2019.

TOP: The most colourful CNE food item of 2019 is this rainbow grilled cheese sandwich from I Love Churros.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 7 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

King of Curds is reprising their CNE appearance with deep-fried curds dressed up like pie, complete with cherry or blueberry filling and cream cheese icing.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 2 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Pho 88 is doing gluten-free pho burritos.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 3 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

The Annex’s Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes is bringing jiggly Japanese pancakes to CNE 2019.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 4 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Tim Hortons is getting in on the act with red licorice donuts…

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 5 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

…and licorice Timbit parfaits.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 8 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Hot Bunzz’s CNE 2019 offering is an Italian spin on raclette: Melted caciocavallo cheese spread onto fresh sandwiches.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 9 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Here’s a closeup.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 6 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Granny Smith Apple Fries is offering apple cheesecake poutine: Apple “fries” topped with cheesecake chunks, salted caramel and whipped cream.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 10 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Picklegeddon is upon us: The humble cured cucumber is featured in lemonade (at Splash)…

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 19 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

…deep-fried with chocolate sauce and icing sugar…

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 11 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

…on top of a pizza with a dill ranch base (at Rick’s Pizza)…

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 18 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

…or inside a “Snickle dog”, a hot dog wrapped inside a tortilla with pickles and a Snickers bar, then deep fried.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 12 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

If you don’t fancy a pickle lemonade, Splash is also selling deep-fried artichoke hearts with lemony ranch.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 13 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

The name says it all at Chickee Kone: Fresh waffle cones stuffed with fried chicken, with your choice of sauce.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 14 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Super Fries’ “K-pop fries” are topped with bulgogi beef and kimchi. (They’re also offering pho fries with hoisin-marinated beef.)

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 15 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

San Francesco’s CNE 2019 food feature, the San Fran La Bomba, is a taco made of breaded veal and stuffed with sausage, grilled veggies or pulled pork.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 17 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Elsewhere in taco-shaped food item news: This cotton candy-stuffed waffle taco from Candy Time.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 16 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Long-running CNE food fave Corrado’s is back with a pierogi-topped burger (there’s also havarti, cheddar, sour cream, onions and bacon).

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 20 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

The Whole Enchilada Mexican Grill’s chicken burrito comes with a little bottle of “scorpion sauce” made from one of the world’s hottest peppers.

CNE Food 2019 Toronto 22 (1).jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Funnel cake and chicken sandwiches: Together at last, thanks to the people at Deep Fried Chicken Sandwiches. | @nataliamanzocco

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