A geek-themed bakery is about to open on Queen West

The Grand Order of Divine Sweets (aka The GOoDS) will start serving up chocolate Xenomorph eggs and TARDIS treats this week

If you’ve got the kind of sweet tooth that only a chocolate carbonite-coated Han Solo, TARDIS-shaped bon bon or Poké Ball truffle can satisfy, your hour has come: A nerdy-themed cafe is opening in the heart of Queen West later this week.

Joining The Lockhart, The Sidekick, Storm Crow Manor and See-Scape in the local nerdy dining establishment pantheon, The Grand Order of Divine Sweets (also known as The GOoDS) is about to open at 1162 Queen West (at Beaconsfield) on December 12.

The business – the brainchild of Samantha Lapointe, the owner of now-shuttered bakery Cakes Cove, and Meridith Braun, a gaming industry veteran – offers a wide variety of “fandom-inspired desserts”, from Hoth chocolate to Xenomorph mint eggs.

To kick things off, The GOoDS is hosting a promo called 12 Days of Geekmas, which will see a new slate of nerdy specials every day starting on opening day. December 14, meanwhile, is their grand opening event, which promises cosplay appearances, a Baby Yoda* cake, and “a chance to eat the universe”. (We’re listening…)

*NOTE: Character’s name may not actually be Baby Yoda.



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