Letters to the editor: A cowardly failure of leadership on COVID

Doug Ford missing in action on the reopening of schools

Re: As COVID cases surpass worst-case scenario, it’s back to school for kids (NOW Online, December 30). It’s another failure of leadership from the cowardly Doug Ford government.

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Kieran Moore was asked on CBC when education minister Stephen Lecce and the premier would be available to answer questions on the decision to send Ontario students back to school. Moore of course was not able to answer for the premier or the education minister, who remain silent.

Why has Ford given up on protecting our vulnerable, unvaccinated kids?

John Meyers and Barbara KaneGoderich

Ontario is failing to protect its citizens

It must be nice to live in a province like Quebec that is willing to take action necessary to protect its citizens before there is an absolute disaster. Doug Ford, on the other hand, appears to have Ontario’s chief medical officer of health on his payroll.

Joseph Andely From NOWTORONTO.COM

Pushing encampments is the wrong strategy

Re: Toronto’s unhoused are being left behind again amid Omicron wave (NOW Online, December 29)

Homeless advocates will never gain an inch if they push encampments as acceptable – they are not and never will be.


Pandemic victim-blaming is BS

Re: Omicron is our second shot at COVID redemption (NOW December 22).

Our federal and provincial governments and public health officials have fucked us over at every possible opportunity during the pandemic. I’m not here for this victim-blaming BS. What we need are paid sick days, a higher minimum wage and universal basic income so that people don’t have to go to work sick for fear of losing their jobs, not scolding for being exhausted after two years of this damned pandemic.

Stephanie QuinlanFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Radio silence on Doug Ford’s daughter’s anti-vaxx views

Re: Why we need to talk about Doug Ford’s daughter’s anti-vaccine views (NOW Online, December 21).

Doug Ford’s daughter is on social media spouting false information about vaccination yet journalists are not requiring any explanation from the premier. Why?

Jaqueline BurtonFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

RIP Betty White

Re: Canadians and other notables we lost in 2021 (NOW Online, December 23).

Heaven is a cheerier place with the arrival of legendary “golden girl” Betty White, at a remarkable 99 years young. I can envisage Rue McClanahan rolling out the red carpet to welcome her adored co-star of the comedy TV series that enchanted millions of viewers. My sister has the wondrous wax figure replica of White from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Hollywood in her collection.

As a baby boomer that watched the All In The Family TV series in the 1970s it was indeed refreshing and always hilarious to watch The Golden Girls in the 1980s when they enthralled the LGBTQ audience with a magic on par with the classic The Wizard of Oz.

David C. SearleToronto


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