Letters to the editor: And Just Like That… another whiny review


Sex In The City sequel shows promise 

Regarding Glenn Sumi’s review of And Just Like That… (NOW Online, December 11). Sumi complains about diversity and the representation of People of Colour in the film and then complains there’s only one Asian actor.  

Though not perfect, AJLT shows some promise and essentially had to deal with characters from the past before being able to continue the story. Neither Chris Noth nor Kim Cattrall wanted to return but Noth came back on the condition that the film’s makers worked with him on an exit strategy. 

I’m liking where they’re going with the stories and the POC really don’t look shoehorned in given how multicultural NYC is and given how three-dimensional these new characters are.


Doug Ford is practiced at the art of deflection

Regarding Ontario’s move to impose new capacity limits on restaurants and other venues (NOW Online, December 17).

Doug Ford is a master of blaming everyone for spreading the virus while failing to acknowledge that one of the biggest spreaders are children in elementary school which were caused when he decided to open schools before kids could be vaccinated.

Joseph Andely From NOWTORONTO.COM

Tom Holland makes a crappy Spider-Man

Regarding Radheyan Simonpillai’s review of No Way Home (NOW Online, December 14).

Simonpillai writes that Far From Home was nothing but crap, but I’ll wait to read all the reviews before I decide. I might even wait for the DVD to come out.

I agree that Tom Holland is a crappy Spider-Man in an Iron Man suit. He rarely has spidey sense. But it’s not like the hype is ever worth it for most blockbuster movies.

Hunter CollinsFrom NOWTORONTO.COM 

Holiday blockbusters aren’t about politics 

Radheyan Simonpillai compares J. Jonah Jameson’s character in Far From Home to the alt-right, but it’s the extreme left that likes to dox people. 

The rest of the review may have substance but the infusion of politics into the conversation made it a non-starter for me. Go review West Side Story or something. Christmas blockbusters aren’t made for this special kind of deconstruction.

Eric BergstromFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Why should tenants be protected from rising costs?

Regarding Harry Fine’s view that private property investors are the real ones fuelling Toronto’s rental housing crisis (NOW Online, December 12). 

Yes, there are a never-ending series of roadblocks designed to give a tenant more rights to a property than the person who purchased and must maintain it – and people wonder why some property owners would rather leave their property vacant than take on a tenant. The system is not balanced. 

Also, why should tenants be completely protected from rising costs? Nobody else is protected from rising costs.





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