Letters to the editor: Taxpayers stuck with the bill for bad nuclear decisions


Nuclear’s dwindling power

Nuclear energy should not be expanded in any way. (NOW Online, July 28) How is it that governments can choose nuclear over wind and solar with no input from taxpayers who are forced to foot the cost of bad ideas – not to mention the destruction of habitat and water?

The dangers of nuclear energy far outweigh the idiotic idea it’s better than renewable natural energy. Who’s in charge here? Taxpayers need a voice in this choice.

Richard Sutherland – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Toronto’s housing hellscape

Re The Condo Market Is Bouncing Back (NOW Online, August 7). This article is based on zero fact. Toronto is currently a housing hellscape. If lessons were properly learned, rent control would still regulate foreign investment which continues to pump the cost of housing up. Young people will never be able to buy property in the city.


World would be more expensive without 40-hour workweek

A 40-hour workweek? (NOW Online, August 4) I’m on day three of 16-hour days. I don’t think those who want to do away with a 40-hour workweek understand how the rest of the economy works.

Reducing the hours people work would be more expensive causing tax increases. Look at construction and ask yourself how much that $1 billion project would cost if workers only worked 40 hours a week? Our world would be a lot different if it wasn’t for the blue-collar workers putting in the labour.

Marshall I. – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Can live music save the restaurant industry?

Re Strumbellas Side Project Takes Up Residency In Struggling Parkdale Bar (NOW Online, August 7) I am a local DJ who does live events at restaurants, clubs, events and weddings across the GTA. I love this article. I really think live music will help the restaurant industry in Toronto recover from the pandemic.


Back-to-school plan another bad decision by Ford

Re Doug Ford’s Back-To-School Plan Is Sizing Up To Be A Shell Game (NOW Online, August 3).

Children under 12 are not vaccinated and therefore should not be interacting. They can contact and spread the virus to vulnerable adults who apparently are not immune even when they’re fully vaccinated. Another bad decision by Ford.


Why not vaccinate kids at school?

I’m not as well versed on the issues these days but I was an elementary school teacher in the 1980s. Anybody remember getting vaccine shots at school?

Adrian Macfarlane – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Bringing back Much Music

I wish that Bell Media would just bring back Much Music in its original format (NOW Online, July 24) on basic cable as has been done in the United States.

I also wish that Steven Kerzner could have his own channel on cable, or at least be able to broadcast and give people something else that’s independently local to watch.


Pickering casino not what Ontario needs right now

Wow. I can’t believe it – a huge new Pickering Casino (NOW Online, July 31) just down the 401 from the huge new Ajax Casino. Just what the Toronto area and Ontario doesn’t need: more casinos expedited by the Ford government.

Dale Taylor – From NOWTORONTO.COM




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