Letters to the editor: Canada is not doing enough to ensure vaccine equity

Politicians are forgetting the pandemic is a global problem

On January 18, Alberta announced a fourth COVID vaccine dose for immunocompromised individuals. Politicians in Canada are forgetting just one thing, and it’s a big one: vaccine equity.

Without an effective strategy – and the political will – to achieve higher vaccination rates in low and middle-income countries, these fourth doses may be for nothing. Another more dangerous variant is becoming more likely, yet those in power refuse to respond to the pandemic with equitable investments and policies to end COVID-19 everywhere.

Nationalistic decisions such as these prioritize one country’s citizens over another. This approach is not sustainable – nor is it ethical – for anyone. We must reflect on the current pandemic response, recovery and preparedness for the future. 

According to the World Health Organization, vaccine equity will accelerate the end of the pandemic. We’re all asking the question: when will this happen? Vaccine targets are currently 40 per cent of the population of every country. The allocation of vaccines is the problem.

Canada must increase its assistance to send a clear message that our priority is global health security for all during the pandemic and beyond.



Ford government ignoring COVID deaths

Re Ford rolls the dice on COVID restrictions, saying “worst is behind us” (NOW Online, January 20).

Doug Ford makes decisions based on perceived public opinion not on common sense. 

His bunch like to use positive phrases like the number of hospitalizations is “stabilizing,” but they ignore the dangers out there. As long as the number of deaths is not being noticed or complained about it’s okay to proceed. Therefore, the 75 deaths the day after his announcement of the lifting COVID restrictions is nothing to worry about as long as it is not his family, I guess.


Ignorance is bliss for anti-vax athletes

Re Novak Djokovic becomes a poster boy for anti-vaxxers, but he’s not the only celebrity COVID denier (NOW Online, January 17).

Ignorance knows no bounds. Djokovic shouldn’t be playing anywhere anytime in the near future. He’s a spreader.

Gary Schumacher From NOWTORONTO.COM

Richard Longley

All new housing should be net-zero-ready

Re Op-Ed: How Toronto can help fight sprawl in the 905 (NOW Online, January 16).

Any new homes built need to be net-zero-ready in order to obtain building permits. We have to get to that point quickly. There is so much great proven building tech across Canada and we still build houses with so much waste.  

Andrew Grant From NOWTORONTO.COM

Hopefully the Silver Snail can survive on Big Box Queen Street

Re Toronto pillars: Silver Snail is back where it belongs (NOW Online, January 13).  

Queen is a shell of what it once was. I used to visit in the late 90s early 2000s to see all the cool independent stores, but it’s more of the usual chain stores you’ll find in any mall these days. I hope the Silver Snail can survive.

Jordan Douglas From NOWTORONTO.COM

Unsung heroes of Toronto’s snow storm

During last week’s storm, I witnessed Torontonians of all backgrounds and ages helping each other.

My hero was a man on Abbeywood, who together with some assistance of others, helped push my car out from deep snow. He could have just left me there, instead, he helped many and this made all the difference! I don’t know his name because he promptly went to assist another person. I suggest that NOW Magazine dedicate some space to applaud the heroes of the storm.

Anne RoseToronto

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