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Where does Bell and its Let’s Talk campaign fit in with premier's description of mental health patients as "nutcases" and "animals"? Read more


In A Mind Spread Out On The Ground, the Tuscarora writer insightfully places mental health and sexual assault among the legacy of colonialism Read more


Portrait of NBA star's career and life with mental health issues suffers from tonal shifts and digressions Read more



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Canopy Growth has joined the National Hockey League Alumni Association to study the potential benefits of cannabinoids in managing the mental health challenges faced by former hockey players Read more



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Therapeutic Paws of Canada's Paws to Read program pairs children struggling to read with companion animals who offer emotional support and an uncritical audience. Read more



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With their new album Lioness, the Toronto band has outlined a specific mental health mission, building healing through community Read more


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The mayor overlooks the reality that homelessness is often a cause of mental health problems – some homeless people spend years in Toronto's shelter system exposed to constant noise, chronic sleep deprivation and extreme stress Read more



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After a four-year break from music, Toronto rapper D-Sisive, aka Derek Christoff, appears in the docu-series Cypher, performing a new song about his mental health journey. Next, he wants to de-stigmatize asking for help. Read more


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Free series includes HBO doc about comedian Robin Williams and festival hit Laila At The Bridge Read more

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It felt odd to type the words into Google: "Black woman therapist Toronto," but for many people of colour finding a counsellor with an understanding of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia in their practice remains a challenge Read more



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A new program launching in January allows doctors to prescribe passes to the Royal Ontario Museum to treat anxiety and depression. Read more



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We spoke with six artists featured in Life on the Line, a new print series to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association Read more


The feminist activist's mental health diagnosis should also be applied to the world she rails against Read more


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The broken system has turned me from an artist into a DIY drone therapist – and that should worry you Read more


Genderqueer patients aren't often represented in discussions of anorexia and bulimia, but research shows that body image, gender and eating disorders are deeply connected Read more

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Universities are beginning to offer courses on positive psychology and happiness Read more


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"Every time I had a panic attack, cutting was a daily thing. Some scars have healed and are barely noticeable, but there are ones that will be there forever." Read more

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Nature therapy is an under-emphasized aspect of modern psychiatry, but new studies suggest even mild increases in exposure to trees can result in lower levels of depression Read more