Transfer Of Energy [Feelings Of Power]

The third album by Toronto electronic producer Egyptrixx (aka David Psutka) is not much fun, but that seems completely intentional. His work has grown increasingly bleak since his 2011 debut album, Bible Eyes, and now seems more influenced by doom metal and experimental music than escapist dance beats. Still, Transfer Of Energy [Feelings Of Power] is exceptionally brutal even within that context. Only brief, melancholy melodies give relief from the oppressive darkness.

There aren’t many times in the average person’s life when this would be the first choice of soundtrack, unless you spend a lot of time in German S&M dungeons or prefer your acid trips to be nightmare experiences. The term “power ambient” has been tossed around lately to describe similarly grim electronic albums, but can anyone say that without laughing? Besides, the rhythmic elements put it closer to techno and industrial music, especially the clanging metallic percussion noises, which sound like someone angrily hitting a piece of sheet metal with a baseball bat. Interesting, but not for the faint of heart.

Top track: Discipline 1982  

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